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Hunting Apparel Market Industry Size, Share Analysis, Growth and Report 2023-2030

The hunting and field apparel market is experiencing growth, driven by increasing demand from female hunters and new brand launches. Brands like Field & Stream are catering to female hunters with quality apparel options. Innovations such as the Calor and Algus systems, utilizing CoolTouch™ and Heatwave™ technologies, contribute to market demand. However, the market growth may face challenges due to the high cost of hunting apparel.
Published 08 December 2023

Report Overview 

Hunting Apparel Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period (2023- 2030) 

Hunting apparel surpasses the durability and weather resistance of regular clothing, boasting unique features tailored for the field. These specialized garments incorporate scent-masking fabrics, additional pockets for gear, and are meticulously fitted to offer enhanced flexibility. Whether individuals are engaged in hunting big game, small game, predators, or fowl, the demand for camouflage hunting clothing is prevalent. These purpose-built garments are designed to keep hunters concealed and well-protected from the elements, ensuring a blend of functionality and performance in the field. 

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Hunting Apparel Market Trends 

The surge in demand for hunting and field apparel is notably coming from female hunters, prompting several investors to launch their brands and foresee a promising future for this niche market. A case in point is Field & Stream, a specialty outdoor retailer under the umbrella of DICK'S Sporting Goods, which introduced a range of quality apparel tailored specifically for female hunters in November 2017. 

The market's growth is further fueled by substantial research and testing, leading to the development of innovative base layers such as the Calor (Latin for heat) and Algus (Latin for "cool to the touch") systems. These advancements are anticipated to generate significant demand in the hunting apparel market. The Algus base layers, incorporating CoolTouchTM membrane technology, have the ability to reduce skin temperature by 15% through a reaction with perspiration. 

Conversely, the Calor base layers leverage HeatwaveTM ceramic technology to reflect body heat off the garment, resulting in a 15% increase in skin temperature. This innovation leads to a thinner base layer that delivers greater warmth with less bulk. 

Despite these positive trends, it's essential to note that the high cost associated with hunting apparel may act as a hindrance to market growth in the forecast period. This factor is likely to impact the adoption of hunting apparel among consumers. 

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Hunting Apparel Market Segmentation 

By Type 

  • Hunting Jackets 
  • Hunting Vests 
  • Hunting Pants and Bibs 

By Application 

  • Men 
  • Women 

By End User 

  • Online 
  • Offline 

Hunting Apparel Companies

Major players are Badlands Packs, Pnuma Outdoors, KUIU, Under Armour US, Scentblocker, Field&Stream, Cabela, Prois, SITKA Gear, and Kryptek. 

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