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Industry Today is a Market Research Reports and PR / Marketing content publishing platform that spans all sectors. There are various news distribution services available however none offer the diversity of digital content quite like Industry Today...

If you are a Market Research company or a PR & Marketing consultancy publishing and distributing content on behalf of the client or you are the Marketing Professional within your company and need to get your content in front of relevant audiences, Industry Today offers you the chance to do so without breaking the budget!

Industry Today is a B2B Content publishing and distribution platform allowing users to share content across 30+ relevant Industries as and when it happens.

All news articles published on Industry Today are distributed via various publishing partners and channels including Google News, RSS, email and across the major social networks.

We offer a range of publishing packages designed to suit all budgets depending upon the level of coverage you require. We also offer bespoke publishing packages for more bespoke requirements. To find out more about the bespoke options available, email the team.

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Frequently asked questions

Industry Today works with a broad range of distribution partners and publishing channels. Additionally, we are constantly growing our distribution networks to share all content through RSS syndication, email and social media. The site is developed in-line with the requirements of various news publishing platforms such as Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News and more. All news is shared via all of our distribution channels and to 11million+ subscribers.  

We publish all content within 24 hours, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm GMT. If you submit content outside of these times but would like us to publish, you can reach our team by submitting a request via our Contact page.

We don't impose a word limit but we do recommend you keep your news short and punchy enough to retain the interest of our readers! The recommendation for press releases is between 300-500 words

We have a range of publishing packages to suit all requirements. Whether you have 1 press release per month or 1000, we have packages to suit your needs! For more information, visit our pricing page

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