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Transport Exchange Group expands telematics integration with Causeway

Causeway has teamed up with Transport Exchange Group to help members turn empty vehicle capacity into profit
Published 30 June 2015

Causeway has teamed up with Transport Exchange Group to help members turn empty vehicle capacity into profit. Members of Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange can now further take advantage of live vehicle data using Causeway’s telematics software to better promote empty vehicles and provide live load updates to trading partners.

The integration of the global software provider’s advanced telematics solution with Transport Exchange Group’s freight trading platform, allows registered operators to benefit from real-time locations and status information. This added visibility helps Exchange members to fill available vehicle capacity and maximise return on assets.

In particular, telematics-enabled couriers, hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers can now advertise free capacity and generate load notifications based on accurate positioning data. Meanwhile, trading partners are able to use this added visibility to view the whereabouts and progress of their loads, whilst in transit to provide complete transparency of undertaken work and peace of mind.

Richard Brayshaw, Telematics Manager at Causeway commented: “This partnership will enable members of Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange using our tracking technology to take advantage of an integrated supply chain solution. We can see the benefits it can deliver in terms of optimising fleet resources and boosting profitability by streamlining operational processes, increasing visibility of surplus capacity and improving business performance.”

Lyall Cresswell, Managing Director of Transport Exchange Group said: “We take a partnership approach with leading technology providers such as Causeway to integrate with complementary third-party systems and deliver added value to our members. By accessing live operational data from vehicle tracking and transport management solutions, our members can gain operational insight that supports enhanced collaboration to maximise the efficiency and utilisation of their fleets.”

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