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Transline Logistics targets fleet safety and efficiency with 3G vehicle camera solution

Transline Logistics has teamed up with Intelligent Telematics to develop an advanced vehicle camera system that is designed to raise the standard of driving within its fleet
Published 06 August 2015

Transline Logistics, the specialist home delivery division of Transline Group, has teamed up with Intelligent Telematics to develop an advanced vehicle camera system that is designed to raise the standard of driving within its fleet. The company has already installed 40 IT1000 3G forward-facing cameras as part of its commitment to improving road safety, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing insurance costs, with plans to roll-out the solution to more than 200 commercial vehicles.

Transline Logistics will use the cameras alongside its existing tracking solution to achieve complete visibility of all in-house and owner driver vehicles. It will not only provide proof of what occurred in the event of a crash, but also enable the company to identify areas of improvement within the fleet. A detailed report will provide a complete breakdown of all collisions, near misses and harsh driving events, so it can individually tailor its extensive training programme and maximise the use of its state-of the-art driving simulators.

The IT1000 was selected after a thorough review of the vehicle marketplace including both SD-card and 3G devices. Transline Logistics recognised the added benefit of 3G over traditional SD-card technology, with the ability to view incidents within seconds online allowing it to take a proactive and preventative approach to risk management. It also removed the risk of lost, corrupted or tampered data, something often experienced with SD-card cameras, as well as the need for any time consuming and costly manual intervention.

Meanwhile, Transline Logistics found the high definition picture quality of the IT1000 to be superior to other devices, providing greater clarity and peace of mind. Following detailed product testing in a range of driving conditions – including night time, bright sunshine and heavy rain – it found that the IT1000 was able to deliver the necessary footage and supporting vehicle data to best protect and monitor drivers. In addition, Transline Logistics also needed a device that was E-marked, making it suitable for installation and use in vehicles operating within the EU.

Phil Chester, Fleet and Risk Manager at Transline Group commented: “We are committed to assessing and training each of our drivers to meet all legal and health and safety obligations while achieving the highest levels of operational performance. We expect the IT1000 3G cameras to help raise standards within the business and we are already seeing a noticeable shift in driver behaviour. Moving forward, this will enable us to improve road safety, reduce insurance costs and enhance Duty of Care.”

Sam Footer, Head of International Business and Strategic Development at Intelligent Telematics commented: ““Our IT1000 forward facing camera provides unrivalled visibility of road collisions and other harsh driving events, so commercial vehicle operators can reduce the severity and frequency of vehicle fleet insurance claims, while helping modify driving styles and minimise potential risk. Fleet businesses are increasingly recognising the multiple benefits that can be achieved in terms of operating more responsibly and efficiently.”

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