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Intelligent Telematics launches mobile app for instant access crash footage

Intelligent Telematics has launched a mobile app that will enable operators to better monitor the wellbeing and status of vehicles and employees
Published 25 June 2015

Intelligent Telematics, the leading provider of 3G vehicle camera and tracking solutions to the road transport and fleet sectors, has launched a mobile app that will enable operators to better monitor the wellbeing and status of vehicles and employees. Suitable for both iOS and Android devices, the application will provide instant notification of any road collisions along with access to video footage of the event taken from the 3G forward-facing camera fitted in the vehicle.

The mobile app integrates directly with Intelligent Telematics web-based interface, offering added control when away from the office or on the move. This will enable fleet customers using the IT1000 3G vehicle camera to achieve real-time visibility of vehicles at all times, so immediate action can be taken in the event of an incident to help protect drivers, minimise operational disruption and reduce associated insurance costs.

Moving forward, the mobile app will incorporate a tracking option, which will enable fleet operators to have full visibility of their vehicles at any time through their smartphone or tablet. It will also include a reporting package, providing insight into historical data around vehicle usage, trip analysis and driver behaviour. This will help companies to identify areas of operational risk and improvement within their fleet operation to support higher levels of safety, service, efficiency, and duty of care.

Nick Plowman, Chief Technical Officer at Intelligent Telematics commented: “This latest development now makes it possible to view footage of an accident within seconds whether you are in the office or out on the road. It is designed to maximise the potential of our 3G vehicle camera, which offers significant and measurable benefits over SD-card devices in terms of real-time visibility, instant intervention, operational control and ease-of-use.”

The IT 1000 is the most sophisticated 3G vehicle camera solution currently available with unrivalled accuracy and technology that is sixteen times more powerful than existing solutions in the marketplace. The forward facing device transmits footage of accidents and near misses via a secure 3G private network to a web-based interface with live email and SMS alerts, so a triggered event can be viewed almost immediately.

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