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Carlson Vehicle Transfer selects Intelligent Telematics for 3G camera solution

Carlson Vehicle Transfer has adopted a 3G camera solution designed to minimise insurance costs, reduce accident rates and support driver training
Published 04 March 2015

Carlson Vehicle Transfer (CVT), a leading provider road transport and logistics services to the automotive industry, has adopted a 3G camera solution from Intelligent Telematics designed to minimise insurance costs, reduce accident rates and support driver training. Under the agreement, the IT1000 forward-facing camera will be fitted across all 142 vehicle transporters within the company’s general and premier fleet to capture and provide immediate access to footage of any road collisions, near misses or harsh driving events.

The IT1000 3G camera, the most sophisticated and powerful device currently available in the marketplace, will replace an existing SD-card solution that was failing to provide the necessary reliability, functionality and visibility to best monitor and protects CVT’s regionally-based fleet operation. The company was experiencing high levels of SD-card failure rates, which meant data was often lost or corrupted, while captured footage had to be manually sent to its head office delaying the response to an incident, creating unnecessary workload and driving up insurance costs.

CVT will now have complete visibility of all collisions and driving incidents across its vehicle transporter fleet via an online portal, with an email, screen pop up or SMS notification when an event has occurred. As a result, the company will have immediate availability of video footage and supporting vehicle data to defend against fraudulent insurance claims, prove who was at fault and benefit from instant intervention and first notification of loss. This will not only help to make significant financial savings, but also contribute to improved driver behaviour by identifying areas of improvement and using actual footage of driver-specific incidents as part of CVT’s training strategy.

Carl Richardson Managing Director of Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd commented: “We are committed to using the very latest technology, specialist equipment and highly-trained, professional staff. By working with industry-leading partners such as Intelligent Telematics, we are able to operate the most hi-tech fleet within the automotive sector delivering a quality and responsible service. In particular, we are looking to use the IT1000 3G cameras to achieve a reduction in both accident frequency and insurance costs, while encouraging high levels of driving excellence within our fleet. We have already had a motorway incident contested successfully by our own insurer in the case of a car braking harshly and deliberately in front of a transporter.”

Lee Kelleway, National Account Manager at Intelligent Telematics said: “An increasing number of road transport and logistics operators are recognising the value that 3G vehicle cameras can provide, especially when compared to traditional SD-card options. Our IT1000 forward-facing camera provides unrivalled visibility, so these businesses can reduce the severity and frequency of vehicle fleet insurance claims, while helping modify driving styles and minimise potential risk.”

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