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Skillweb launches proof of attendance application for healthcare sector

Skillweb has launched a proof of attendance tool to enable healthcare organisations to keep track of domiciliary, community and adult social care visits.
Published 09 September 2011

SmartTask Attend is a simple to use mobile application that is designed to enhance patient care by ensuring care workers are making all scheduled appointments at the appropriate times. This will enable administrators to proactively support both service users and staff in terms duration and care outcomes.

SmartTask Attend uses the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology installed on a mobile phone. Carers simply have to login to the system and swipe the phone over a unique ID tag or label located at the patients home to record arrival and departure times. This information can then be viewed in real-time by a supervisor or administrator via a web portal and data can be simply exported into Excel or an existing back-office system.

The application is available as a standalone tool or part of the SmartTask for Healthcare scheduling and reporting solution. SmartTask for Healthcare was launched last year to significantly increase patient facing time for care workers by improving diary management, removing unnecessary travel and avoiding duplicate reporting.

Paul Ridden, Managing Director of Skillweb commented: "Many healthcare organisations are finding that paper-based proof of attendance systems do not always provide a true reflection of patient visits. In contrast, SmartTask Attend is 100 per cent accurate and has the ability to view arrivals and departures for each caregiver as they happen. This means visits can be immediately verified to enable an organisation to respond quickly and simply to patient feedback and complaints."

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