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SimonsVoss in strategic partnership with Zaplox.

SimonsVoss has entered into a cooperative partnership with Zaplox, a Swedish mobile key system provider, and thus now offers a compact access solution for hotels worldwide.
Published 06 February 2015

SimonsVoss now offers the ideal complement to this extremely practical system with its digital locking and access control system. Installingor digital door handles provides hoteliers with an all-inclusive solution consisting of access components and a direct communication platform with customers. Hoteliers can also use the app to provide guests with information on other hotel services such as the restaurant or health spa, for example, or offer them access to the gym. This all-inclusive package also makes key management even more efficient while also saving time and reducing costs.

'SimonsVoss is an important partner for us, which helps in our strategy of offering efficient operation and additional customer benefits. Combining our mobile key system with SimonsVoss products provides true technical and financial advantages,' states Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox.

Bernhard Sommer, CEO at SimonsVoss Technologies, declares: 'We value this partnership very much. This promising, innovative solution enables us to demonstrate once more that we fulfil our role as a technology leader.'

SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH:

Based in Unterföhring, near Munich, SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH is a dynamic, high-tech company. Since the market launch of its Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060 in 1998, the company has remodelled its locking technology, which had previously focused on mechanical systems. It is now regarded as a European market and technology leader for battery-operated electronic locking and access control systems.

Zaplox AB - Global Provider of Mobile Keys

Zaplox operates globally and offers hotels and companies efficient mobile keys and systems for opening doors with smartphones, as well as the possibility to create new services and added value through the use of mobile applications. Systems from Zaplox have been in commercial use since 2011, and are installed in hotels, holiday dwellings and offices. They are easy to use and work on all smartphones. The Zaplox-system can support all locks, hotel systems and access systems, and can replace or coexist with key cards, code locks and physical keys. Zaplox was founded in 2010 in Ideon Science Park Lund, Sweden.

Further information:
SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH
Nicole Huffer
Corporate Vice President of MarketingCommunications
Feringastrasse 4
85774 Unterföhring

Tel. +49 (0) 899 92 280
Fax +49 (0) 899 92 284 112

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