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Gamma and Scintillation Cameras and Accessories Market Survey and Global Trend, Segments, Competitors, Research Report 2013 - 2019

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Published 15 March 2018
Gamma or scintillation camera is used to image human body organs by detecting gamma rays emitted as a result of administering radioactive isotopes. This technique of imaging is called scintigraphy. Today, gamma cameras are widely used in medical diagnostics because of its ability to image organs and tissues in much shorter time with enhanced precision compared to traditional scanner. It is of great help in analyzing activity of drug molecules in human body in early drug development and plays critical role in the treatment of a variety of cardiovascular, cancer and neurological diseases such as breast cancer, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
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The market for gamma and scintillation cameras and accessories is growing worldwide under the impact of notable growth drivers such as the continued advancements in molecular imaging, growing demand for new drug development and rise in incidences of various chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurological disorders requiring faster and more accurate diagnosis. Growing need for accurate diagnosis and reduced patient inconvenience are also considered as driving factors encouraging companies operating in this market to produce diagnostic products with innovative features. Globally, North America and Europe represent the largest regional markets owing to well established healthcare infrastructure and rising awareness about the technology. Among emerging countries India, China, Brazil, Mexico are anticipated to experience substantial growth in coming years due to continuously improving economy leading to better healthcare access. Rising involvement of health insurance companies in these markets is also projected to drive the market in coming years.
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GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Diolin Corporation, gamma Medica-Ideas, Inc., Mediso Medical Imaging Systems, Positron Corporation, Acrorad Co., Ltd. and Digirad Corporation are some of the key players operating in this market space. Some of the commercially available gamma cameras are SDX37 SCINTRON Thyroid Camera by Medical Imaging Electronics and Nucline Cardio DESK by Mediso Medical Imaging Systems.
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