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Entourage Security selects SmartTask to boost customer service and operational performance

Entourage Security Management has adopted SmartTask, an advanced employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution
Published 09 April 2015

Entourage Security Management has adopted an advanced employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution in order to better plan, coordinate and administrate a team of 250 guards. The company has chosen Skillweb’s SmartTask to streamline operational processes such as patrol monitoring, employee rostering and timesheet management in order to reduce overheads and free up managers so they can spend more time with customers.

Entourage selected SmartTask after a thorough review of the marketplace, finding the system to be most aligned with its existing manual procedures while possessing the ability to be tailored to meet its precise requirements. As a result, it is expected that SmartTask will become an essential operational tool within the company that will impact all aspects of business from frontline staff to the accounts and HR teams.

In particular, SmartTask’s intelligent rostering, using a unique workflow algorithm to suggest best-fit employees, will simplify the planning and scheduling of static and mobile, significantly reducing the time and cost required to prepare rosters. Integrated proof of time and attendance will also automate the collation of timesheets, removing the administrative burden associated with chasing paperwork and providing a highly accurate overview of completed work both historically and in real-time.

Activities of mobile personnel will be monitored using an app that can be installed on a range of rugged or consumer smartphones, so security officers simply have to swipe unique NFC tags at key locations to prove attendance, time, date, GPS and status. Meanwhile, Interactive Voice Response software (IVR) will capture and record working hours for static personnel based at remote locations, with employees only needing to call from a designated landline or mobile number to book on and off of shifts or register a check call.

David Fisher, Operations Director Entourage Security Management commented: “We understand the importance of service quality and as such are committed to using the most appropriate tools available to deliver an unrivalled solution to our customers. SmartTask offers an effective means of streamlining and enhancing our procedures, so our aim is to embed the system into all areas of our team’s daily lives to achieve operational efficiencies and increase the amount of face-to-face time we have with our clients.”

Steve Binder, Sales Director at Skillweb said: “SmartTask has been developed to provide an integrated tool that combines intelligent rostering, live monitoring and integrated proof of attendance, so companies can make sure their personnel are at the right place, at the right time to meet all service requirements and perform reliably. It offers an ideal solution to plan and coordinate security and FM requirements, streamlining internal processes and helping to deliver higher levels of service, operate compliantly and make the most of available resources.”

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