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Global Tire and Rubber Remediation and Recycling Industry - Segmented by Technology, Application, and Geography - Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2022

Orbis Research Publish a New Market Research Report On - “Global Tire and Rubber Remediation and Recycling Market”. The Report Covers Industry Trends, Statistic, Segmentation, Growth, Market Share, Revenue, Leading Players, Region, Types and Application.
Published 26 July 2018
The global scrap tires management and rubber remediation applications market reached $REDACTED billion in 2016 and $REDACTED billion in 2017. BCC Research field analysis expects that scrap tires management and rubber remediation applications global market will continue to show remarkable growth in the next five years and will reach $REDACTED billion by the end of 2022 at a projected five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of REDACTED%. In 2016, ground rubber recycling applications was the largest market segment, followed by scrap tires treatment technologies. The main end-markets for scrap tires are tire-derivedfuel, civil engineering applications, ground rubber applications and cut, punched and stamped rubber products.

Intended users of the study can be:
- Companies, institutions, legal bodies that can be interested and take advantage of the study’s outcomes 
- Companies involved in developing, manufacturing, and supplying equipment and technology for scrap tires treatment and rubber applications products.
- Companies involved in scrap tires recycling technologies and services market 
- Government agencies involved in scrap tires management, treatment and reuse
- Venture capital companies and financial institutions interested in new and attractive investments
Estimated values used are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Projected and forecasted revenue values are in constant US dollars, unadjusted for inflation.

Report Includes
- An overview of the global market for the tire and rubber remediation and recycling industry
- Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022
- Market breakdown by type, application, and region
- Descriptions of leading technology types and technology providers, new innovative technology types, and technological trends across various market segments
- Insight into market size and routes to markets, as well as barriers and drivers
- Discussion of the most important manufacturers and service providers in the sector 
- Profiles of leading companies in the market, inluding Accella Performance Materilas Inc., Crumb Rubber U.K. Ltd., Klean Industries Inc, Pheonix Industries Llc, Ruixin Environmental Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Western Rubber Products

Globally, an estimated 1 billion tires reach the end of their useful lives every year. The disposal of scrap tires in environmentally sound and productive ways continues to be a top priority for the tire business. Various regional efforts by governmental authorities, the tire industry and individual manufacturers are currently underway to address the issue of scrap tires, and progress is being made. Scrap tires recovery provides cost-effective and environmentally sound energy for several industries. 

It also provides innovative materials for civil engineering projects. Scrap tires can replace other limited natural resources. Scrap tires have various uses and they are increasingly being viewed as a resource instead of a waste. Environmental issues continue to be a driving force behind scrap tires recycling, and as the recycling industry develops with legislative and infrastructure support, it is becoming clear that there can be many significant benefits.
This report provides an overview of the Asia-Pacific, North American, European, South American, and Africa and Middle East markets for scrap tires management and rubber remediation applications. The report examines market trends and challenges, investment opportunities, as well as obstacles and market barriers. Developing markets are also covered in the report.

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Report Scope
Scrap tire management and remediation industry has been created in the last decade due to two main drivers. The first one is the continuous stricter regulation for environmental protection. The industry has been created virtually due to government regulations enacted to address the environmental concerns about illegally dumped or stockpiled tires which was a common tire disposal method in many developed and developing countries. 

The second major driver is from the companies which are trying to improve the viability of the industry by providing incentives to end-markets to use scrap tire derived products. Scrap tire management has made considerable progress in many countries in the last decade. In 2016, more scrap tires were consumed in markets than ever before, thus avoiding landfills and stockpiles. Two of the major markets for scrap tires in global markets which are materials recycling and energy recovery are expected to expand in the 2017 up to 2022 timeframe.

Scrap tires management companies are the main driver toward circular economy in many countries. The increase of material reuse and energy recovery throughout the last 10 years can to a large extent be attributed to the activities of these ELT management companies.

There are nevertheless significant challenges to overcome. Current recycling technologies which still produce a material of a quality that may meet the standards needed to allow for large scale applications – for example rubberized asphalt – face market barriers. 

The tire industry is committed to stimulating and supporting high quality recycling. The role of recycling will become crucial toward reaching circular economy objectives. Rubber granulates have numerous unique properties including shock absorption, noise reduction, resistance against changes of temperature and against chemical degradation. There are a lot of best practices on how to apply the material, for example in construction works. However, this step requires proper regulatory and market conditions.

The scope of this report is to summarize both commercial end-user and value recovery scrap tires industry practices for end-of-life management primarily as set out by regulations and industry standards, characterize the environmental implications of those practices and identify which practices have the highest potential market impacts.

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Countries Covered
•    U.S.
•    Canada
•    Mexico
•    Puerto Rico
•    Panama and Costa Rica.
•    western and eastern Europe
•    Russia Federation
•    Japan
•    People’s Republic of China (China)
•    India
•    South Korea
•    Republic of China
•    Taiwan
•    Australia
•    New Zealand
•    Singapore
•    Malaysia
•    Philippines
•    South America
•    Brazil
•    Argentina
•    Chile
•    Colombia
•    Uruguay
•    Peru
•    Equator and Bolivia
•    Africa
•    African countries
•    Gulf countries
•    Israel
•    Lebanon.

Companies Mentioned 
And many more,

Table of Content
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights
Chapter 3 Market and Technology Background
Chapter 4 Global Market Volume for Scrap Tires, Ground Rubber and Tire-derived Fuels, by Region
Chapter 5 Global Market Breakdown by Technology Type and Application
Chapter 6 Regional Market Segmentation for Scrap Tire Management and Rubber Remediation Applications
Chapter 7 Patent Review and New Developments in Scrap Tire Management and Rubber Remediation Applications
Chapter 8 Challenges and Trends for the Global Scrap Tire and Rubber Remediation Market
Chapter 9 Company Profiles
Chapter 10 Appendix

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