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Worldwide Wine Market 2018-2022: Sales Revenue, Grow Pricing, Developments, Historical Analysis and Future Prospects

Wine Market - by Source (Grapes, Apple, Berries and other Fruits), Type (Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling and others), and by Region - Forecast to 2022
Published 05 February 2018

The Global Wine Market is driven by some of the leading players operating in the market including Accolade Wines, Constellation Brands, E. & J. Gallo Winery, The Wine, Torres, Treasury Wine Estates, Vina Concha y Toro, and Distell.

Market Overview:

Wine needs no introduction, being around since 7000 BC suiting palates of consumers. Its market is ever increasing in thick & thins of economies. Although on the surface level, Wine doesn’t seem to be undergone much of a transformation; there have been a lot of changes in its process like fermentation and filtration. Among them, Filtration expertise are considered to be critically important to achieve clarity and stability of fine Wine. And to attain the Filtration expertise, a number of technical advancements have been transpired in the field of Wines. Some of the notable innovations include - filter design innovation - Advanced Pleat Technology (APT), Rigid Extrusion Bonded Technology that controls the process parameters like temperature and pressure, and characteristics of the polypropylene resin. And Membrane Filter Technology offering unmatched protection of final membrane filters, as well as exceptionally long service life.

Evidently, Wine manufacturers are rightly bringing those novelties in these processes. With their sedulous efforts they are constantly delivering the best products and developing their Premium Wine portfolio. Some notable vendors of filtration systems are introducing a systems approach to winemakers helping them to optimize their filtration and works to design the optimum system for clarification, pre-filtration and final filtration. This results in integrated filtration systems that reduce overall filtration costs while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

In terms of looks Wine had always appeared in three colors Red, White, and Dark sometimes with a pink tint as well, until recently. Beginning of the year 2018 brought an expanding color spectrum for Wines.

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Blue Curacao & Brilliant Blue are already making inroads into the international wine market. Blue Curacao is made of dried orange peel and blue food colorings and hails from the Caribbean island of Curacao. Whereas, Brilliant Blue is the food coloring used in Curacao and such products as ice pops and mouthwash. Which means, now Wines are offering different tastes and more colors too. While the author is not sure about who exactly brought those novelties in Wines; there is a little information on advent of food colors in to the field of Wines.  Recently, food scientists discovered how to extract natural blue color from algae and an Asian plant called butterfly pea flower, the new dye being used in coloring some blue wines.

There has been a notable shift in consumer’s pattern meaning; there has been a tremendous growth in wine consumption versus what occurred a couple of decades ago. Wine manufacturers are taking appropriate actions identifying early-stage consumer trends. This provides extended impetus to the already flourishing Wine market. 

Competitive Analysis:

The market appears to be highly competitive owing to the presence of numerous well-established players having international and global presence. These players are heavily investing to enhance the quality and global expansion. Marketers identify the need for world-class Wine making and invest accordingly in state-of-the-art facilities to meet the consumers’ expectations.

Industry/Innovation/Related News:

January 30, 2018 – Serafino Wines and Vigena Wines (Mclaren Vale wineries – Australia) announced that they have lodged development applications with Onkaparinga Council to expand their businesses. Which apparently was upgrading their bottling plant to increase exports.

January 29, 2018 – Waltz Vineyards Estate & Winery (Northumberland County) announced winning ‘Wine Excellence Award’ - Sponsored by the ‘Pa. Wine Society’ for the consecutive years. The contest features some of the top premium wines from around the state, with the criteria being that they are made from vinifera grapes. Recently, wineries also have been allowed to enter hybrids Chambourcin and Traminette.

January 25, 2018 – Texas Vineyard Market (TVM –Weatherford Wine Maker US) debuted a new wine made with hemp oil. Currently for sale in several liquor stores across north Texas, the wine is attracting attention to the winery. With the negative view from the Drug Enforcement Agency on cannabis plants, TVM had to submit multiple lab tests to show the wine met DEA requirements. And finally the hemp wine received approval from the DEA in Dec. 2017 after over two years of development.

Market Segmentation:

For the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding; the report segmented in to 3 key dynamics.

By Source: Comprises grapes, apple, berries and other fruits. 

By Type  : Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling and others.

By Regions: North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World.

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Regional Analysis:

Europe dominates the global Wine market with the largest market share followed by US & RoW and is estimated to be the major revenue pocket for the global Wine market by 2022.

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