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Molnlycke Health Care Drives Business Growth with Infor

Infor Advanced Scheduling Optimizes Production Planning and Increases Throughput at Global Healthcare Company
Published 25 February 2014

NEW YORK – February 24, 2014 – Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that M?lnlycke Health Care, one of the world's leading providers of single-use surgical and wound care products, has selected Infor Advanced Scheduling for its Wound Care division’s production site in Finland.

The application is expected to support growth through optimized planning, synchronized production, improved delivery performance and higher throughput for the company’s complex product range, which is used by hospitals and pharmacies worldwide.

News Points

• Substantial business growth at M?lnlycke Health Care highlighted a requirement for a new production planning system at the company’s Wound Care division. A complex product environment meant that effective planning using manual processes and spreadsheets was time consuming and made it impossible to achieve the necessary level of precision.

• The application is expected to help enhance production planning and scheduling, reduce set-up time, improve visibility across the production process and boost production throughput for 40 product lines, reducing costs and ensuring that supply is aligned with demand across all of M?lnlycke’s markets globally.

• Following a review of numerous applications, Infor Advanced Scheduling was selected based on its proven capabilities, deep functionality aligned to the needs of the healthcare sector, and value for money.

M?lnlycke Health Care Quote “As a growing company, having tight control and visibility of our entire supply chain is crucial to deliver optimum service levels and maximize margins,” comments Jukka Sulku, Production and Material Planning manager, Wound Care Division, M?lnlycke Health Care. “Our product range is hugely complex, and Infor Advanced Scheduling will provide us with a comprehensive overview of how line A impacts line B, C, D and E on the factory floor, allowing us to optimize synchronized production schedules, and improve production planning to better serve our markets.”

Infor Quote “Supply chains represent a key area for competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced markets, and delays or bottlenecks can have a direct impact on the bottom line,” comments Pieter Leijten, EMEA vice president for Supply Chain, Infor. “Healthcare is an industry which is growing at a phenomenal pace, and through adopting a best-in-class production scheduling application, M?lnlycke Health Care is well positioned to capitalize on this growth.”

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