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Marburg Virus Disease Market to Grow at a Substantial Growth Rate During the Forecast Period (2023-2032) - DelveInsight | Key Companies - BioCryst, Bavarian Nordic, Flow Pharma, AlphaVax, Emergex, ReiThera, Emergent BioSolutions, Auro Vaccines

As per DelveInsight, the Marburg Virus Disease Market is anticipated to evolve immensely in the coming years owing to the ongoing research and development activities in the therapeutics domain and the launch of new therapies in the market.
Published 08 December 2023

DelveInsight's "Marburg Virus Disease Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast 2032" report provides comprehensive insights into the disease landscape, encompassing historical and forecasted epidemiological data, along with an analysis of the Marburg Virus Disease market. The report offers valuable information regarding market size, share, emerging trends, and growth prospects across the seven major markets (7MM), including the United States, EU4 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France), the United Kingdom, and Japan.

Additionally, the report delves into emerging therapies for Marburg Virus Disease, providing insights into current treatment methodologies, individual therapy market shares, and a comprehensive evaluation of the market size, spanning from 2019 to 2032. It assesses the existing treatment practices and algorithms for Marburg Virus Disease, investigates the key factors influencing market growth, identifies barriers, and highlights unmet medical needs. This comprehensive analysis aims to pinpoint opportunities and gauge the market's inherent potential to address the critical aspects of Marburg Virus Disease management.

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Marburg Virus Disease: An Overview

Marburg virus disease (MVD), formerly known as Marburg Hemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. The Marburg virus is transmitted to people from fruit bats and spreads among humans through human-to-human transmission. It causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever in humans. The case-fatality rate for Marburg hemorrhagic fever is between 23 to 90%. Outbreaks and sporadic cases have been reported in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and South Africa (in a person with a recent travel history to Zimbabwe). MARV has been recognized as one of utmost importance by the World Health Organization (WHO).

MVD is caused by the Marburg virus, a genetically unique zoonotic (or, animal-borne) RNA virus of the filovirus family. Humans usually get infected with this disease after lengthy exposure to mines or caves where Rousettus bat colonies live. These bats are natural hosts of the Marburg virus. Marburg virus spreads from person to person through direct contact with an infected person’s blood, organs, secretions, or other bodily fluids. Materials and surfaces (like clothing or bedding) can contain infected fluids, and touching them can also spread the virus.

Clinical diagnosis of Marburg virus disease (MVD) can be difficult. Many of the signs and symptoms of MVD are similar to other infectious diseases (such as malaria, typhoid fever, or dengue) or viral hemorrhagic fevers. Antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and IgM-capture are prominently used for the diagnosis of Marburg virus disease.

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Marburg Virus Disease Therapeutics Analysis

There is no specific treatment for Marburg virus disease. Supportive hospital therapy should be utilized, which includes balancing the patient’s fluids and electrolytes, maintaining oxygen status and blood pressure, replacing lost blood and clotting factors, and treatment for any complicating infections. Experimental treatments are validated in non-human primate models and some of them are progressing in clinical trials.

Preventive measures against Marburg virus infection are not well-defined, as transmission from wildlife to humans remains an area of ongoing research. However, avoiding fruit bats, and sick non-human primates in Central Africa, is one way to protect against infection. Measures for prevention of secondary, or person-to-person, transmission are similar to those used for other hemorrhagic fevers. Increasing awareness in communities and among health-care providers of the clinical symptoms of patients with Marburg hemorrhagic fever is critical. Better awareness can lead to earlier and stronger precautions against the spread of the Marburg virus in both family members and health-care providers.

To improve the treatment scenario, Several major pharma and biotech companies are developing therapies for Marburg Virus Disease. Currently, Bavarian Nordic is leading the therapeutics market with its Marburg Virus Disease drug candidates in the most advanced stage of clinical development.

Marburg Virus Disease Therapeutic Advancements and Emerging Treatments:

  • Marburg Virus Disease Clinical Trial Progression and Key Companies: The market is set to experience significant growth, driven by the progression of emerging therapies expected for launch between 2023 and 2032. Pioneering companies, including BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Bavarian Nordic, Flow Pharma, AlphaVax, Emergex Vaccines, ReiThera, Globavir Biosciences, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Emergent BioSolutions Inc., Auro Vaccines, Alkido Pharma, Biofactura, and many others are actively engaged in developing novel drugs for potential market entry.
  • Marburg Virus Disease Emerging and Marketed Therapies: Ongoing research and development activities are fostering the introduction of innovative therapies designed to address the signs and symptoms of Marburg Virus Disease. Some of the emerging therapies in the pipeline include Galidesivir (BioCryst Pharmaceuticals), MVA-BN filovirus vaccine (Bavarian Nordic), rVSV Marburg vaccine (Emergent BioSolutions), cAd3-Marburg (ICON plc), and many more.

Major Developments in the Marburg Virus Disease Market

  • In January 2023, The Sabin Vaccine Institute announced that the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) had awarded Sabin a multi-year contract with funding potential of up to $214 million to advance the development and production of single-dose vaccine candidates for Ebola, Sudan, and Marburg virus diseases.
  • In October 2018, The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in collaboration with the US Military HIV Research Program initiated a Phase I open-label, dose-escalation clinical trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of the Marburg chimpanzee adenovirus vector vaccine, VRC-MARADC087-00-VP (cAd3-Marburg), in healthy adults.

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Marburg Virus Disease Market Growth Factors and Associated Trends

Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) poses a considerable healthcare challenge globally, and within the seven major markets (7MM), it encounters a spectrum of drivers and barriers influencing its market dynamics. The drivers primarily revolve around the rising prevalence of the disease, particularly in endemic regions within Africa. The sporadic outbreaks and the potential for the virus to cause severe, often fatal, hemorrhagic fever create an urgency for effective treatment and preventive measures. Moreover, heightened awareness among healthcare professionals and governments regarding the threat of emerging infectious diseases like Marburg Virus Disease fuels research and development initiatives aimed at therapies and vaccines. 

However, the market faces significant barriers as well. Limited understanding of the disease mechanism and the absence of specific therapies or vaccines pose substantial hurdles in the effective management of MVD. The rarity of outbreaks also complicates clinical trials and drug development processes, making it challenging to attract investment and resources for dedicated research. Additionally, the geographically confined nature of MVD outbreaks limits the market's commercial potential, reducing incentives for pharmaceutical companies to invest extensively in developing treatments. Regulatory challenges further impede the rapid introduction of potential therapies, leading to slower market penetration.

Marburg Virus Disease Market

The report's market outlook section offers a comprehensive understanding of the historical, present, and projected market size. It scrutinizes the influence of existing and upcoming pipeline therapies for Marburg Virus Disease. Moreover, it conducts a thorough evaluation of the factors driving and hindering the Marburg Virus Disease market, highlighting unmet needs and emerging technologies poised to shape the market's dynamics in the foreseeable future.

The report meticulously outlines the market trends concerning each marketed Marburg Virus Disease drug and mid to late-stage pipeline therapies. This evaluation gauges their impact by considering various aspects such as the annual cost of therapy, Mechanism of Action (MOA), Route of Administration (ROA), molecule types, competitive landscape among therapies, brand value, and their collective influence on the market dynamics.

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Marburg Virus Disease Epidemiology Assessment

The epidemiology section offers valuable insights into the historical, present, and anticipated trends in Marburg Virus Disease epidemiology across the seven major countries (7MM) from 2019 to 2032. This section aims to identify the factors contributing to current and projected Marburg Virus Disease epidemiological patterns by examining diverse studies and research findings. Additionally, it furnishes a comprehensive analysis of diagnosed and prevalent patient populations, and future projections, and incorporates perspectives from key opinion leaders to enrich the understanding of this disease landscape.

Marburg Virus Disease Drugs Uptake and Pipeline Development Activities

The drug uptake section concentrates on evaluating the adoption rate of newly launched or upcoming potential drugs within the Marburg Virus Disease market during the study period. This analysis encompasses the assessment of drug uptake in the Marburg Virus Disease market, patient adoption across different therapies, and the sales performance of each drug. Furthermore, the therapeutics assessment section facilitates a comprehensive comprehension of market dynamics by examining drug sales trends, identifying drugs with the highest adoption rates, and elucidating the reasons contributing to the widespread use of specific medications. Additionally, it conducts comparative analyses among Marburg Virus Disease drugs, considering their sales performance and respective market shares.

The report encompasses comprehensive coverage of ongoing Marburg Virus Disease pipeline development initiatives. It furnishes valuable insights into diverse therapeutic candidates at various developmental stages, elucidating the significant companies actively engaged in creating targeted treatments for Marburg Virus Disease. Moreover, it conducts an in-depth analysis of recent advancements, including collaborations, acquisitions, mergers, licensing details, and patent information, providing a holistic view of emerging therapies within the field.

Reports Key Features and Analysis

  • Study Period - 2019-32
  • Forecast Period - 2023-32
  • Geography Coverage - 7MM (United States, EU4 [Germany, Spain, Italy, France], the United Kingdom, and Japan)
  • Market Size (by 2032) and Expected CAGR - Download the Sample PDF
  • Major Players Shaping the Market Dynamics - BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Bavarian Nordic, Flow Pharma, AlphaVax, Emergex Vaccines, ReiThera, Globavir Biosciences, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Emergent BioSolutions Inc., Auro Vaccines, Alkido Pharma, Biofactura, and many others.
  • Emerging and Marketed Therapies Covered in the Report - Galidesivir (BioCryst Pharmaceuticals), MVA-BN filovirus vaccine (Bavarian Nordic), rVSV Marburg vaccine (Emergent BioSolutions), cAd3-Marburg (ICON plc), and many more.

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