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Strong Growth Projected for Dairy Enzymes Market in Growth Markets of Asia Pacific and MEA

Dairy Enzymes Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013 - 2019
Published 03 November 2015

Without dairy enzymes, cheeses, yogurt, and smoothies wouldn’t have their unique texture and flavor. In order to preserve the delicate flavors and texture of these highly perishable products, they need to be handled with extra care in the logistical chain. As a result, handling costs can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, compelling dairy product manufacturers to consider revisiting the way their products are formulated. This is where enzymes can present an optimal solution. 

The use of global dairy enzymes market affords numerous advantages. For instance, using the right dairy enzymes can help reduce whey bitterness, enzymes can enable dairy product makers to achieve the desired texture and flavor in products, and UHT processing can be made more efficient with the use of the right enzymes. Enzymes are either available in the form of natural extracts (non-microbial) or they may be obtained via microbial fermentation. Some of the most common types of enzymes used in the food and beverages industry are: lipases, rennet, peptidases, catalases, proteinases, and other proteases. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are the most common application areas of these dairy enzymes. 

Large Players Dominate Diary Enzymes Market. Why is this so?

As is the case with most biological research and product development facilities, the formulation of dairy enzymes also relies on a high degree of expertise and an array of sophisticated laboratory assets. Moreover, companies looking to develop novel enzymes that currently aren’t offered by competitors need to invest heavily in research and development facilities. All of these factors have one thing in common: heavy investments. The high cost of investment required for developing dairy enzymes thus acts as the greatest deterrent for the entry of new companies. 

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In the absence of small players, it is the well-established larger companies that rake in the better part of revenues in the global dairy enzymes market. However, these dynamics also work against the growth of the global market, resulting in suppliers and vendors boasting a higher bargaining power. The bargaining power of consumers is thus compromised to some extent. Companies that have a stronghold in the global dairy enzymes market are: Amano Enzyme, DSM Food Specialties, Biocon, Novozyme, Danisco, Fonterra Co-op Group Ltd., Genencor International Inc., and others. 

Dairy Enzymes Market in Europe Maturing, Asia Pacific and MEA open Window of Opportunity

Owing to cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products being traditionally consumed in large quantities by consumers in Europe, the demand for dairy enzymes has been high in this region. However, that’s changing now as the Europe dairy enzymes market is moving toward maturity. Market analysts recommend companies to look toward countries in Asia Pacific and MEA, where the consumption of various dairy products and dairy-based beverages is on the rise. 

A major trend emerging in the dairy enzymes market is the demand for lactose-free products. The prevalence of lactose intolerance among consumers in several regions worldwide is increasing. The use of lactates – typically in liquid and powdered form – is the most viable option for products catering to lactose intolerant consumers. Manufacturers of dairy enzymes stand to benefit by expanding their product line for such niche consumer segments.

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