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Research Focused on the Stand Up CT Machine Market Forecast up to 2025

The global stand up ct machine market is anticipated to register a moderate CAGR over a forecast period. 
Published 13 February 2018

The market is mainly driven by an increase in the incidences of chronic diseases such as circulatory system diseases, spinal conditions, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and bladder stones and injuries to the head, skeletal system and internal organs coupled with geriatric population. Market is projected to grow significantly due to advancement in the technology and awareness on health care in the public.  On the other hand market mainly restrain by lack of adequate reimbursement and regulatory framework.

CT (Computed tomography) has become an important tool to get a detailed 3D image of certain parts of the body such as blood vessels, lungs, brain, abdomen, bone, soft tissues and the pelvis. Computed tomography is used to refer X-ray CT. A CT scan takes X ray images from different angle and produce cross sectional images of specific areas of scanned object. There are many other types of CT exist, such as single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET).As per new survey , a professor in the Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering has invented Stand up CT machine weight bearing scanner which has been collaborated with Carestream and approved by U.S.FDA. The device, called OnSight 3D, has been named 2016’s “Best New Radiology Device” for radiologists and professional medical imaging experts. Stand up CT scanner is particularly useful for scanning the spine and extremities, such as ankles and knees, especially while the patient is in an upright position. Stand up CT machine has various advantages over the conventional, that machine allows a patient to stand comfortably rather than lying horizontal. Stand up CT scan machine provides high-quality images with a low radiation exposure, and the quality of result is found better than previous. This new scanner enables to show not only details of fine bone but tendons, cartilage and ligaments as well. It also allows orthopedic physicians and others to observe deeply at joints and to see bone breaks that previously could have missed while detecting.

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On the basis of the application stand up CT machine market is segmented into various specialist medical departments such as oncology, orthopedics, neurology, cardiovascular and others. The increase in burden of chronic diseases especially in the cancer, C.T.scanning is mandatory as standard imagining procedures during and after radiation therapy. Additionally, Stand up C.T. which is a novel advanced technology majorly helps to orthopedics as it is suitable to scan for a patient who only experiences back (or hip or knee etc.) pain while standing. C.T machine segmented by product type into High slice C.T scanner, medium slice C.T. scanner and Low slice C.T. scanner. Medium slice scanners currently running in the market, with rapid technological advancement and multi slice scanners with low radiation.

Based on the end user, the global stand up CT machine market is segmented into hospitals, diagnostic centers, Imagining centers and others. Dental clinics are expected to have market share than the hospitals over the forecast period. The others category would include medical educational institutions and research and development center.

On the basis of geography, the global stand up CT machine market is segmented into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East & Africa. North America is represented larger market share worldwide due to technological advancement and increase in the awareness for healthcare services. Europe and Asia Pacific are expected to grow over the forecast period globally. Asia pacific represents the tremendous growth in the near future due to growing government funding, low CT scanner installation rate, increase in the number of  new hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical institution and growing  affluence of the expanding population base that can access and afford costly healthcare processes.

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Major players in the global stand up CT machine market GE Health Care, Hitachi Medical Corporation, NeuroLogica Corporation, Neusoft Medical Systems Co, Philips Healthcare, Shenzhen Anke High-tech Co., Siemens Health Care, Toshiba Medical System Corporation, Philips Health Care, Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, among others.

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