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Gluten Free Pet Food Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast by 2025

Gluten is a storage protein primarily found in rye, barley, and wheat. The main problem with gluten is that it causes Celiac disease, which is a hereditary allergic disease.
Published 13 February 2018

This disease is also detected in pets and is a result of pet foods containing gluten. Humanization of pet foods has been a growing trend over the recent years. Brands are offering varieties of pet foods besides basic pet foods that have no added preservatives. The global gluten-free pet food market is currently at a nascent stage, but is expected to witness significant growth in the near future. Demand for regular or basic pet food is substantially high, and with increasing shift towards gluten-free pet food among pet owners, revenue from the overall pet food market is expected to further increase to a significant extent over the forecast period. This is attributed to an increasing number of pet owners gaining awareness regarding healthy pet food options such as gluten-free products. In addition, increasing number of distribution channels such as physical stores, exclusive outlets for pet-related products, and growing popularity of e-Commerce with exclusive online stores selling pet products is expected to further drive revenues and adoption of gluten-free food products in the near future. Furthermore, online stores enable potential buyers to access detailed information regarding the products before making a purchase, and also avail discounts being offered for online purchases.

The global gluten-free pet food market is segmented on the basis of type, flavor, specification, form, and distribution channel. On the basis of type, the gluten free pet food market is segmented into natural and added additives. The global gluten-free pet food market is segmented on the basis of flavor into chicken, beef, fish, and other red meat and white meats. On the basis of specification, the gluten-free pet food is segmented into for cats, for dogs, for birds, for pocket animals, and others. On the basis of distribution channel, the global gluten-free pet food is e-commerce, supermarkets, retail shops, exclusive pet shops, and others. On the basis of form, the gluten-free pet food market is segmented into dry and wet.

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Increasing shift from products containing gluten to gluten-free products is creating major potential for pet food manufacturers. Higher volume of gluten-free pet food products are sold online as compared to that of stores or exclusive pet food shops owing to the increasing trend of the Internet of Things, increasing number of users using smart or connected devices, and also due to the convenience of purchasing products at the touch of the screen. Natural gluten-free pet foods are produced under stringent regulations and should contain no added flavors or emulsifiers. In added additives, flavors and emulsifiers are added to impart a specific taste. Most of the pet food owner prefer dry form of pet food over the wet form, and hence we will see a demand of dry gluten-free pet food products in the market.

North America and Europe are currently the largest markets for gluten-free pet food products, as both producers and consumers, followed by Asia Pacific. Pet food manufacturers in North America offer gluten-free pet food in markets in countries in Europe, while there are no gluten-free pet food manufacturers in Europe.

Global Gluten-free Pet Food Market: Drivers and Restraints:

Gluten-free pet food is a new segment in the overall pet food industry, and hence represents significant potential to replace regular pet foods. Gluten-free pet food contains more nutritional ingredients as compared to general pet foods, and is also offered in a wider range of flavors, which is expected to drive popularity among pet owners to a significant extent. Markets in countries in Asia Pacific are fairly untapped and represent high potential opportunities for gluten-free pet food manufacturers, and revenue from the market in this region is expected to be substantially high in the near future.

Some key players in the global gluten-free pet food market are Mars Inc., Solid Gold Pet LLC, Purina (Nestlé Group), The Nutro Company, Three Dog Bakery, Blue Buffalo Co. Ltd., Merrick Pet Care Inc., Wellpet LLC, Champion Petfoods, Midwestern Pet Foods, and Pets Global Inc.

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