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Global Artificial Intelligence Service Market- New Research Report Announced with business priorities in order to assist companies to realign their business strategies.
Published 27 June 2018

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence is shaping new business landscapes in every industries. As one of emerging convergence technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates new products and services, finally innovating business models. Especially, it has been noted by industry experts and researchers that healthcare sector has the biggest potential of AI convergence. In fact, major technology companies including Google, Microsoft and IBM have invested in AI in healthcare sector. Thousands of AI startups are active launching innovative services related to healthcare.

The main objective of this study is to enhance understanding of AI based service innovation. The study analyzes AI convergence services created by startups as multi-dimensional modes of service innovation. Accordingly, the main research questions are:

How AI innovates service model in healthcare sector?

This study will provide a framework for analyzing the role of AI in convergence service innovation and how it can lead to business model innovation.

This study monitored more than 100 AI startups in healthcare sector (sourced from CB Insights, Crunchbase and etc). With the literature review about AI applications, our research team categorized AI convergence healthcare service into four segments and thirteen sub-segments.

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Conceptual framework for case study

This study will adopt the theoretic framework about convergence service innovation process argued by former research (Yoon, 2017). It assumed service innovation typologies are applicable to the analysis of convergence service. In this regard, the study proposed four dimensional service innovation model including convergence technology, service product innovation, service process innovation and business model innovation.


AI healthcare service segmentation

AI healthcare service segmentation2.png

Patient Data Analytics

AI startups in patient data analytics3.png

Case study - Apixio1.png

Case study - Apixio2.png

Case study - Ayasdi3.png

Re-Engineering in Human Genome


Case study - Deep Genomics1.png

Case study - Freenome1.png

Drug Discovery


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