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Food Thickeners Market Analysis, Size, Share, Trends and Report 2023-2030

The demand for food thickeners is on the rise due to factors like increased interest in healthy diets, convenience food, and innovative products. Manufacturers focus on R&D for product enhancement, exemplified by the discovery of Ropy 352 with potential probiotic benefits. However, challenges include high R&D costs and fluctuations in raw material prices, impacting small and medium-sized manufacturers in the food thickener market.
Published 11 December 2023

Report Overview 

Global Food Thickeners Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period 2023-2030. 

Food thickeners, commonly derived from polysaccharides or proteins, play a pivotal role in altering the viscosity of various food products. The selection of the type of thickeners can vary significantly, taking into account factors such as taste, clarity, and environmental conditions. The evolution of the food thickener market hinges on the demand for thickeners with optimal thickening capabilities suitable for a diverse range of food products. 

Increased awareness regarding the proper usage of food thickeners among the general population is a driving force behind market growth. Additionally, the growing health consciousness among consumers provides a substantial growth opportunity for global industry players. However, challenges such as price fluctuations of food thickeners and the high research and development costs associated with their production may pose constraints on market expansion. 

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Market Dynamics 

The consumption growth of food thickeners is expected to be driven by their multifunctionality and compatibility with other ingredients, coupled with the increasing demand for convenience food and growing consumer awareness toward a healthy diet and lifestyle.  

The recognition of multiple functionalities and advantages associated with food thickeners is likely to accelerate their demand. Manufacturers are investing in product innovation to expand their portfolios and enhance functional properties, such as flavor and texture, contributing to the global growth of the food thickener market. 

As an example of innovation, scientists at Oregon State University have commercialized a new dairy thickener called Ropy 352, which adds probiotic characteristics to certain products. The potential use of natural thickeners like cress seed gum is also being explored.  

However, challenges such as high research and development costs in developing and manufacturing food thickeners and fluctuations in raw material prices for hydrocolloids are significant restraints for the market. The need for a strong and dedicated research and development facility to create innovative and suitable food thickeners for demanding product formulations is emphasized. High R&D costs, particularly for small and medium manufacturers involved in the extraction and manufacture of vegetable gum and starch derivatives, act as a constraint in this market. 

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Market Segmentation 

By Source 

  • Plant 
  • Animal 
  • Microbial 

By Type 

  • Starch 
  • Protein 
  • Hydrocolloid 

By Application 

  • Dairy 
  • Bakery & Confectionery 
  • Sauces & Dressings 
  • Beverages 

Market Key Players 

Major players are Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Ingredion Incorporation, Ashland and Dupont. 

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