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China Online Gaming Market, Number of Users, Category (Mobile, PC Online Client Games, Web), Market based on Age Group, Segments and Companies

Orbisreserach.Com adds “China Online Gaming Market, Number of Users, Category (Mobile, PC Online Client Games, Web), Market based on Age Group, Segments and Companies” To Its Research Database
Published 17 July 2018

China online Gaming Market is expected to surpass US$ 75 Billion by the end of year 2024. China online gaming market is one of the biggest online gaming markets in the world, surpassing United States and Japan. The user of China online gaming is anticipated to cross 700 Million by the end of year 2024. According to Renub Research analysis, PC Online (Client Games) market share is contracting and mobile game market share is expanding continuously. Tencent captured the lion’s market share compared as compared to its competitors.

Companies Sales (2011 – 2024):
1. Tencent
2. NetEase
3. Kingsoft
4. Changyou
5. Shanda

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Number of Users – China Online Gaming
1. Online Gaming Users
2. Mobile Online Games Users
3. PC Online Client’s Games Users

The rise of per capita income of Chinese online gamers has reinforced the china online gaming market to the great height. Due to convenient or well-developed payment systems, players would like to engage themselves on games and spend more money and time. The online mobile game is largest revenue contributors in China online gaming Market. There are numerous new games like “Knives Out” and “Love & Producer” are expected to outperform. Increasing consumer’s propensity to play online games and rising mobile games penetration are the major growth drivers of China online gaming market.

Mobile Online Games Dominates the Online Games Market in China
China mobile online games are continuously rising at a rapid pace and expected to outperform in anticipated year. The report covers the market of Mobile Online Games, PC Online / Client Games, and Web Games.

Chinese Age Group of (19-25 Years) is highly Passionate about Online Gaming
Chinese youth (19-25) are spending more money on online games because they are considered to be working population and having high disposable income. The report covers following Age Bracket (Below 19 Years), Age Bracket (19 - 25 Years), Age Bracket 26+37

Large Client Games dominates the China Online Gaming Industry
Large client games are most popular in china online gaming industry because it played on PC’s and Mobile both. The report covers the following segment markets: Large Client Games, Platform Games, Social Games and Other Games.

Renub Research report titled “China Online Gaming Market, Number of Users, Category (Mobile, PC Online Client Games, Web), Market based on Age Group (below 19, 19-25, 26+) Years, Segments (Large Client Games, Platform Games, Social Games, Other Games), Companies (Tencent, NetEase, Kingsoft, Changyou, Shanda)” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast–evolving, high–growth of online gaming market in China.

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By Category – China Online Gaming Market
1. Mobile Online Games Market
2. PC Online / Client Games Market
3. Web Games Market

By Age Group – China Online Gaming Market
1. Age Bracket (Below 19 Years)
2. Age Bracket (19 - 25 Years)
3. Age Bracket 26+

By Segments – China Online Gaming Market
1. Large Client Games
2. Platform Games
3. Social Games
4. Other Games

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