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Beer Home Brewing Kits Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2017 - 2025

Apart from them, China and Hong Kong are also one of the most growing markets of Beer Home Brewing Kits in APEJ region due to their historical relation with beer.
Published 13 February 2018

Home brewing is brewing of beer at home for personal and non-commercial purposes. Beer is brewed at domestic level from the day beer is invented (around 6000 BC in Mesopotamia, currently Iraq) but achieved a legality and currently produced and distributed from homes according to the legal structure of different territories. Home Brewing Kits is first developed in Western Europe and soon reached the U.S. Beer Home Brewing Kits is a widely used for brewing beer globally. Almost all the countries have a market for home brewing kits and home brewing components. In developed markets, home brewing kits are widely available in retail shops and e-commerce websites whereas the countries where home brewing is still a niche leisure, kits are available only on e-commerce sites. During the time, many unique kits are developed in order to satisfy the taste buds of people and their preferences.

People produce beer at home due to several reasons including the high cost of commercially available beer, unavailability of various types of beer in the market, freedom to adjust recipes and to experience the feel of home brewing. Many new innovations due to industrial revolution such as hydrometer and thermometer, increased the efficiency and quality of homemade beer. Malts are used to create the beer with the kit which give flavor, aroma, color and taste to a beer when mixed in appropriate proportions during the brewing process. While many factors create overall beer flavors, specialty grain will have the biggest impact on how beer is perceived. Many companies sell Beer Home Brewing Kits for crafting their drink around the globe. Beer Home Brewing Kits market is strong in Americas and Europe because a large portion of the population consumes beer which is driving the Beer Home Brewing Kits market.

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While a large population of APEJ and MEA still don't drink alcoholic beverages which have restricted the Beer Home Brewing Kits market in these regions. However, countries like India, the Philippines and Vietnam have shown significant growth in beer consumption; India is the most growing beer market in the world is likely to become next home of many international home brewing kit manufacturers in next 5 to 10 years. Apart from them, China and Hong Kong are also one of the most growing markets of Beer Home Brewing Kits in APEJ region due to their historical relation with beer. Beer Home Brewing Kits market is expected to witness an escalating demand among the consumers because of its significant use and increasing presence of beer, ale and other beverages throughout the globe.

Beer Home Brewing Kits: Market Dynamics

Growing demand for beer and ale is driving the Beer Home Brewing Kits market globally. Consumers all around the world are getting attracted towards home brewing kite because of its ease and low production costs as compared to commercially available beer, which is driving the market. Countries like China, India, and Hong Kong, are the future markets for alcoholic beverage and thus a promising market for Beer Home Brewing Kits. Perception towards alcoholic beverage in the Middle East and APEJ is changing, and with the rise of per capita income, people changed their way of living and shifted towards homemade beer from homemade fruit juices for pleasure and fun. Beer Home Brewing Kits serves best for the purpose of brewing of a small variety of beers which won't be possible without Beer Home Brewing Kits. Commercially available beer is produced in factories which require heavy investment and sophisticated machineries, thus home production of beer if a valid option of small batched and limited consumption. Hence, Beer Home Brewing Kits market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to its versatile benefits.

However, Beer Home Brewing Kits comes along with some restraints. Beer Home Brewing Kits cannot be easily found in developing markets. Apart from whole kits, malts, hops, yeast and extracts are also tough to find in many countries around the world. Most of the people have no knowledge of home brewing in most of the countries which is a big restraint for this market because of limited advertisement. People also fears of dangers such as change in alcoholic content, conversion of liquid to poison or acid and others that they perceive in preparing beer at home. Any change in water content or temperature or a change in the process might change the color, taste and other features of beer which in turn would lead to a change in flavor of beer which is another drawback of Home Brewing Kit.

Beer Home Brewing Kits market has an opportunity to expand in APEJ and MEA region. In the past decade, hundreds of Beer Home Brewing Kits players entered India and all of them are doing great. There is a need to increase the presence throughout the region.

Beer Home Brewing Kits market can be segmented on the basis of type which includes 1 Gallon Kit, 1.1-10 Gallon Kit and Above 10 Gallon Kit. 1 Gallon Kit is the most commonly used Beer Home Brewing Kit because of ease of use. It is also commonly called as starter kit bought by first time home brewers. Beer Home Brewing Kits market can be segmented on the basis of components which includes Basic Components (Fermenting Equipment’s, Malt and Malt Extract, Yeast, Cleaning Kit, Reusable Pet Bottles, Caps and Labels, Carbonation Drops and Sugar, Racking Equipment’s and Others (bottle capper, etc.)) and Additional Components (Kettle, Hydrometers & Refractometer, pH Measurement Equipment’s, Wort Chiller, Grain Mills and Others (Burners, coolers, etc.)). Beer Home Brewing Kits market can also be segmented on the basis of types of kit which includes Beer Equipment’s Kit, Beer Recipe Kit, Extract Kit, Partial Mash Kit and All Grain Beer Recipe Kit.

Beer Home Brewing Kits: Regional Outlook

Regional coverage for Beer Home Brewing Kits market includes North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Beer Home Brewing Kits market witnesses a high demand in North America and Europe because of the high consumption of beers in the region. However, the Beer Home Brewing Kits market is expected to grow significantly in APEJ region as consumers have widely adopting beer and ale.

Beer Home Brewing Kits: Market Players

The market players in Beer Home Brewing Kits market are Home Brewing Co., Craft a Brew, Victor’s, Northern Brewers, MrBeer, Kilner, Woodforde’s, Box Brew Kits and many more.

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