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Avalanche Photo Diode Research:CAGR of 1.2% during the forecast period

The Avalanche Photo Diode industry can be broken down into several segments, Si-APD, InGaAs-APD, Others, etc.
Published 29 November 2023

The Avalanche Photo Diode industry can be broken down into several segments, Si-APD, InGaAs-APD, Others, etc.

Across the world, the major players cover First-sensor, Hamamatsu, Kyosemi Corporation, Luna, Excelitas, Osi optoelectronics, Edmund Optics, GCS, Accelink, NORINCO GROUP, etc.

Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) is a highly sensitive semiconductor electronic device that exploits the photoelectric effect to convert light to electricity. APDs can be thought of as photodetectors that provide a built-in first stage of gain through avalanche multiplication. From a functional standpoint, they can be regarded as the semiconductor analog to photomultipliers. By applying a high reverse bias voltage, APDs show an internal current gain effect due to impact ionization. However, some silicon APDs employ alternative doping and beveling techniques compared to traditional APDs that allow greater voltage to be applied before breakdown is reached and hence a greater operating gain. In general, the higher the reverse voltage, the higher the gain.

Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) applicability and usefulness depends on many parameters. Two of the larger factors are: quantum efficiency, which indicates how well incident optical photons are absorbed and then used to generate primary charge carriers; and total leakage current, which is the sum of the dark current and photocurrent and noise. Electronic dark noise components are series and parallel noise. Series noise, which is the effect of shot noise, is basically proportional to the APD capacitance while the parallel noise is associated with the fluctuations of the APD bulk and surface dark currents. Another noise source is the excess noise factor, ENF. It describes the statistical noise that is inherent with the stochastic APD multiplication process. This is not to be confused with the fano noise (F), which describes the fluctuation of the total electric charge collected in the APD.

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According to the new market research report “Global Avalanche Photo Diode Market Report 2023-2029”, published by QYResearch, the global Avalanche Photo Diode market size is projected to reach USD 0.14 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 1.2% during the forecast period.


  • Global Avalanche Photo Diode MarketSize(US$ Million), 2018-2029

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Based on or includes research from QYResearch: Global Avalanche Photo Diode Market Report 2023-2029.


  • Global Avalanche Photo Diode Top8Players Ranking and Market Share(Based on data of 2021, Continually updated)

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Based on or includes research from QYResearch: 2021 data information of Global Avalanche Photo Diode Market Report 2023-2029.


The global key manufacturers of Avalanche Photo Diode include First-sensor(TE), Osi optoelectronics(API), Hamamatsu, Kyosemi Corporation, Excelitas, etc. In 2021, the global top four players had a share approximately 62.0% in terms of revenue.


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