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Wolverhampton Firm Returns Successful from Chicago Trade Show

Wolverhampton-based Cooper Coated Coil is making big plans for the future of Glide X following the successful International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago last week.
Published 18 March 2013

The show took place between March 2 and 5 and, despite 10 inches of snow forecast for March 5, it was a great success. Visitors came from all over the world to find out what was new and innovative in the kitchen - and they weren't disappointed.

The company's Glide X bakeware is unlike anything else on the market: it is scratch resistant, flake resistant and virtually indestructible. It is a bold claim to make, so CCC wanted to prove it. With the challenge: "So you think you know bakeware?" CCC gave visitors to its stand a free sample to take away with them. The visitors' mission was simple: bake or roast something that would stick to the bakeware, then report back.

Kevin Tranter, Cooper Coated Coil's managing director, said:

"The IHA show is one of the biggest home ware shows in the world, so we were very excited to be in attendance again. We had a lot of visitors, some of whom are old friends, and some we hope will become new friends. "People were keen to take the bakeware away and test it; there was a general feeling that non-stick bakeware is disappointing, so people are ready for something new.

"You may think all bakeware is fairly similar, but Glide X will make you sit up and take notice. Give it a try yourselves!"

CCC tests all its bakeware rigorously, benchmarking it against other non-stick items. The company has found that Glide X consistently outperforms other non-sticks in every area - not to mention the fact that it lasts far longer than most non-stick items. The average non-stick lasts for around 15 test cycles (roasting, hand-washing and dishwashing), while Glide X non-stick bakeware lasts for up to 180 cycles.

Glide X technology was invented to create a superior, hard-wearing and durable non-stick coating. Unlike other non-sticks, the Glide X process means that the non-stick coating is bonded directly onto the bakeware to ensure that it keeps performing like new every single time.

Contact Kevin Tranter or Steve Tomlinson at CCC on 01902 867900 or Helen Hesk on 01926 800242 for more information, and to find out where you can get Glide X bakeware for your own kitchen.

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