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Versatile Air Hoists for Safe & Efficient Lifting

The range of modern air operated hoists manufactured by J D Neuhaus offer safe and efficient lifting and handling facilities for a wide range of general engineering and industrial applications.
Published 08 May 2014

The range of modern air operated hoists manufactured by J D Neuhaus offer safe and efficient lifting and handling facilities for a wide range of general engineering and industrial applications. Their Profi TI hoist range has been upgraded to combine quieter operation, with faster lifting/lowering speeds while being more energy efficient as well as incorporating some lighter and more compact build qualities.

These robust low-headroom products have a proven pedigree for 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycles for successful operation within a wide range of industrial and engineering environments, including applications in some of the harshest and most dangerous working conditions throughout the world. Typical areas of application include aircraft construction, assembly lines, chemical plants, dairies, foundries, mechanical engineering, on and offshore drilling rigs, power plants, refineries, quarries and mines, sawmills, shipyards and automotive plants.

The Profi TI range operates from either a 4 or 6 bar air supply and the hoists in the 3 to 50 tonne lift capacity range are ideal for medium to heavy lifting requirements. For extreme heavy lifting, hoists are also available with lift capacities up to 100 tonnes. The highly versatile Profi hoists can also be used in tandem or parallel configurations to provide safe lifting for larger or extra heavy loads.

The Profi hoists are all provided with single point top suspension, and can be fitted with trolleys for overhead monorail mountings to facilitate horizontal travel requirements. Trolleys with manual, reel chain or motorised operation can be supplied, combined with a standard hoist lifts of 3 metres, with other special lift requirements also accommodated.

Optional control systems can be fitted for varying hoist controls, including universally applicable rope/chain types or an FI sensitive control for very easy handling. A corrosion proof type E control offers single speed sensitive operation and type F multi-lateral controls provide for multi-function and variable speed hoist lift/travel options. Remote control and electropneumatic interface operation can also be provided.

A range of hydraulically operated hoists are also available, including a special purpose unit capable of operating at arctic temperatures as low as -45°C. Special purpose requirements such as underwater operation are also accommodated, typically as required for offshore or ship repair applications. A range of dedicated hoists designed specifically for use within the mining industry can also be supplied.

For lighter-duty operations, the J D Neuhaus Mini hoist range is available for individual powered lift applications of 125, 250, 500 and 980kg, operating at 6 bar air pressure. These are handy, flexible and universally deployable hoist tools for a wide range of handicraft workshop operations including horizontal pulling. A manually operated overhead trolley is also available for beam mounting, together with a manipulator version of the Mini which facilitates safe, single-handed lift/lower/traverse and load positioning operations. These versatile products are particularly suited to food related applications or wherever other low-medium duty lifting requirements occur, and can be supplied with optional standard lift heights of 3, 5 or 8 metres.

All JDN hoists are designed for applications in potentially explosive or otherwise hazardous  atmospheres and carry Ex classifications of (Profi range) Ex II 2 GD IIA T4/II 3 GD IIB T4, with optional spark protection being available for explosion group IIC and to achieve a rating Ex II 2 GD IIC T4. The explosion classification for the Mini is Ex II 3 GD IIA T4. All hoists also offer lube-free operation, combined with high levels of safety combined with low maintenance. Sensitive, infinitely variable speed control is available for the precise positioning of loads, with the Profi hoists also being insensitive to dust and humidity, for operation within a temperature range of -20°C up to +70°C.

A hoist from the Mini range, together with Profi TI hoists rated for 500kg and 6 tonne lifts will be exhibited in hall 27 on stand No F41 at the CeMAT exhibition being held in Hannover during 19th – 23rd May.

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