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Quinn Plastics Boosts Warehouse Capacity by 25% Using WITNESS

Leading Plastics Manufacturer Increases Storage Capacity without Increasing Overheads with Predictive Simulation from Lanner
Published 11 February 2014

Henley-in-Arden, UK – 13 December 2013 – Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, today announced that Quinn Plastics, a leading manufacturer of plastic sheets of polystyrene and acrylic materials, has boosted warehouse capacity by 25% using its WITNESS predictive simulation platform. Faced with a challenge to increase storage capacity without significantly increasing overheads in a new warehouse for finished products, the manufacturer turned to predictive simulation.

Working with consultancy DYNAMIC FUTURE and WITNESS, the team created a model designed to assess a series of design options for Quinn Plastics’ warehouse including dispatch layout; various warehousing technology solutions, and different types of handling equipment. The simulation modelled scenarios which included the installation of an automatic identification system using barcoding and RFID as well as various conveyor options for moving pallets from production to the shipping warehouse.

It also projected outcomes on processes such as auto stocking or unloading pallets of finished products; shelf stackers; standard pallet racking without shipping location saws; and sliding shelves. “The conclusions highlighted using WITNESS identified that while sliding shelves presented the best option in terms of storage capacity, it was not the most cost effective approach,” comments Jan Slajer, CEO, DYNAMIC FUTURE. “Optimisation of the simulation model showed that best solution was to adopt a standard pallet racking warehouse with either additional clearance, or the removal of saws currently in the storage facility.

The predictive simulation conclusions also led to a recommendation for barcode-led automatic identification and resulted in an average increase in storage capacity of at least 25%.” "We solved the challenge of complex storage processes with DYNAMIC FUTURE and WITNESS. Simulation enabled us to look at warehousing fields, identification of bottlenecks and final processes which was of great benefit when preparing for the new warehouse. DYNAMIC FUTURE was a key part of the project’s success and I would highly recommend the team to others planning such a project,” comments Petr Kubena, Product and Quality Manager, Quinn Plastics CZ.

“Through the creation of a virtual representation of supply chain processes, simulation can support strategic goals through identifying processes which are scalable, cost effective and customer-centric,” comments David Jones, CEO, Lanner. “Quinn Plastics is a great example of a manufacturer which is using predictive simulation to innovate, contain costs and drive growth.”

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