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~ Jonathan Ashworth MP celebrates Cressall’s centennial ~
Published 02 April 2014

Leicester based power resistor manufacturer Cressall marked a hundred years of successful business by inviting Jonathan Ashworth MP to visit the factory and discuss the challenges and opportunities the company has experienced over the years. The conversation between Cressall's managing director, Cy Wilkinson, and the Leicester South MP revolved around the challenges of recruiting specialised staff, maximising exports and the status of manufacturing in the Midlands.

Cressall's successful exporting strategy, which accounted for 57 per cent of the company sales in 2013, set the tone for a confident discussion about UK manufacturing and the upwards trend noticeable in the East Midlands.

2013 was Cressall’s most profitable year and continues the growth experienced over the last seven years. In 2013, the company experienced a significant rise in sales and sealed a range of promising business deals. This resulted in Cressall continuing to pay employee bonuses and increasing the investment in new capital equipment.

“Cressall is the perfect Leicester manufacturing success story,” enthused MP Jonathan Ashworth after the visit. “The company’s accomplishments are based on an excellent management strategy, supported by the hard work and dedication of employees. Businesses like Cressall Resistors put Leicester on the national and international manufacturing map.”

“Jon's visit was an acknowledgement of Cressall’s continuous contribution to the regional industry and the company's role in the local community,” explained Cy Wilkinson, Cressall's managing director. “Most people live under the impression that British manufacturing has had its day. Here at Cressall, we know this is not the case and we work hard every day to create new manufacturing opportunities and international partnerships for the UK.”

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