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Published Wed, Feb 14th 2018

Using big data for health and care service management and improvement

Councils around the country are recognising the value of big data to facilitate service improvements, deliver cost savings and generally identify areas of interest. A recent report by Future Care Capital* highlights the contribution health and care data can make to raising standards and positively impacting the experiences of Service Users.

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CM2000’s business intelligence tool, CMBI, has been proving its worth across in-house and externally delivered care services for the last few years, with usage during 2017 increasing by 40%.

Reablement services can now measure their outputs, plotting Service User journeys (including service stops) to identify patterns of care delivery, and determine whether they have successfully reduced the amount of care required, allowing them to realise savings. The information is invaluable for understanding demand and capacity and for evidencing any changes needed. Care Worker data can also be reported on in a number of ways, making it easy to check that regulatory requirements, like the Working Time Directive, are being complied with. 

CM2000 business intelligence tool CMBI Care Management    

When it comes to analysing externally delivered care, Councils have a wealth of performance data for each of their Providers. Quality indicators such as length of visit, continuity of care, and real-time visit logging compliance can easily be used for contract management and benchmarking.

Whilst this data has always been captured by CallConfirmLive!, CMBI revolutionises the speed and ease in which it can be accessed, providing self-service actionable insight at the touch of a button. The automated reports save significant man-hours that may have been spent manually gathering data. The outputs allow management by exception, so resources can immediately be focused on areas of concern. 
CM2000 has been involved in an exciting big data project with the ADASS East region to gain better market oversight and improve commissioning across 11 Councils. PAMMS (Provider Assessment and Market Management Solution) empowers users with a wide range of real-time benchmarking data to increase quality. The latest Risk Profiler module enhances Councils ability to spot failing Providers so action can be taken before problems occur. This is possible using care visit data, PAMMS assessment ratings, CQC ratings and credit ratings to deliver a well-rounded picture of performance, with any issues flagged for attention.       

Another area where data outputs are having a positive impact is CM2000’s ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) project. Social care visit data is combined with information from wearable devices to measure a wide range of frailty indicators. This empowers individuals to better manage health conditions at home, as well as assisting professionals to commission the most effective and efficient interventions when required. With an increased focus on prevention, this data is invaluable for saving money on emergency and responsive services.   

Now is the time to embrace the potential of big data to improve health and social care delivery.
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*Intelligent sharing: unleashing the potential of health and care data in the UK to transform outcomes.

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CM2000's patented, award winning solutions allow healthcare professionals to manage the complete commissioning cycle delivering quality assured services whilst saving time and money. Our software supports; assessment, visit scheduling and verification, outcomes measurement, safeguarding, invoice and payroll management and business intelligence reporting. CM2000 is a part of the HAS Technology Group.

CM2000 works in partnership to provide software solutions and related services to 96 Local Authorities and over 1000 care Providers across the UK.

PAMMS is CM2000’s innovative market management tool which is revolutionising the way Councils assess Providers, share data and deliver effective market oversight.

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