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The ServerSpace Guide To Colocation

ServerSpace, one of the UK's leading providers of dedicated servers, managed servers , virtual dedicated servers and email hosting services, has launched this guide to colocation, in a bid to explain the advantages of the hosting option, while also addressing common myths.
Published 07 December 2009

Colocation is effectively a hosting option for businesses which are looking for the features of a large IT department without the associated costs. It allows you to effectively place your server in an outsourced Data Centre rack, which then allows you to take advantage of that Data Centre's facilities and fast internet connections.

Advantages of Colocation
* Better protection: The fee you pay to your colocation provider covers all the mechanical and electrical facilities the Data Centre provides, e.g. power generators and backup power to protect against any electrical problems or shortages on the grid. This ensures that your servers' data remains available.

* Low cost bandwidth: Data Centres are on the internet backbone and ultra fast internet access is standard. When your servers are placed in a colocation facility they benefit from higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for the network connections. To provide similar quality internet connections at your premises would be very expensive.

* Security: Providers of colocation services supply additional security for your machines. Your server is therefore maintained and stored in a secure environment, with 24/7 on site security, CCTV and biometric access controls.

Common Myths

* Colocation is more expensive - While colocation can cost more than web hosting, the services received provide value-for-money, in that the costs of the facilities, staffing and high-speed Internet connectivity are handled by the colocation provider.

* Colocation is inconvenient - A remote colocation facility is no more inconvenient than having your company's servers in the next room. Colocation facilities may actually provide more space and better equipment organisation than the office closet that has been turned into a server room.

* Colocation is unreliable - Colocation is all about high availability for mission critical facilities. Those working in the colocation facility are trained to deal with electricity shortages effectively. Colocation services also ensure redundant Internet connections and power supplies, which means there is not competition for bandwidth.

* Colocation facilities do not provide appropriate support - Providers of colocation services, such as ServerSpace, are committed to providing the utmost support, whether there are issues concerning power and electricity, physical security, network security and disaster recovery.

For more information, please visit, where you can find more information on the range of off-the-shelf and bespoke services available from the firm. The firm can now also be followed on Twitter:

About Serverspace: At ServerSpace, we take hosting very seriously, with a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke services from simple equipment hosting to fully-managed services, that will suit your organisation - whatever its size or line of business. Whether you are looking for email hosting or colocation with the opportunity to outsource your infrastructure to save time, money, for added security and of course for reliability, ServerSpace will host your equipment in one of our London Data Centre Suites. No matter what your requirement, here at ServerSpace we will host any equipment from a single 1U server up to a suite of 100, suitable for those who are in possession of server hardware and require complete control over server configuration.

Here at ServerSpace we work by a single vision: to provide high-quality, cost-effective hosting, connectivity and telephony services, backed by excellent customer service, making it ideal for both the larger or smaller enterprises, those who are familiar with hosting and those who have never outsourced their infrastructure.

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