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In today's competitive market get the edge by investing wisely in quality training and developing certified TOGAF 9 Enterprise Architect Practitioners. For organisations focused on leading edge innovation and customer focus the TOGAF framework gives proven results.For individuals wishing to develop their knowledge and career this globally recognised industry standard qualification improves your professional profile - giving recognition, credibility, tools and knowledge coupled with the ability to get improved organisational results.
Published 21 July 2011

In an era of communication, fluidity and specifically speed, business organisations are required to meet the immediate needs of the consumer with the greatest efficiency. As a consequence, businesses must now adapt to changes in products, systems, applications and infrastructures whilst satiating customer demand.  Enterprise Architecting has grown as a means of achieving these at all levels within organisations. 

The TOGAF Enterprise Architecture approach balances operational and tactical agility with a long term strategic roadmap ensuring long term goals and strategy does not fall by the wayside. 

It provides a comprehensive framework to ensure collaboration between its Information Technology and its employees, customers, operations and projects in order to provide the organisation with the opportunity to reach its fullest potential. With enterprise architecting, your organisation will be flexible to the changing environment in which it operates whilst maintaining optimal efficiency.

EA Dynamics UK provides TOGAF training, a successful and effective system of Enterprise Architecting that is designed to offer such a framework. EA Dynamics goes further by offering a variety of courses that are not limited to the initial teaching. Our trainers have extensive experience in both public and private sectors and offer in house training at your organisation to tailor the courses to your specific needs, increasing its benefits whilst decreasing overhead costs.

EA Dynamics UK promise: "We will achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed customer requirements".
We are aware that passive learning through PowerPoint and other such mediums is not always the most effective and so offer courses that are focused upon the practical application of TOGAF materials in working examples to promote a greater understanding and tailoring of the framework.

"EADynamicsUK provided a great environment combined with an experienced instructor and course-ware that meets the exact needs of the certification. I highly recommend the TOGAF9 training to anyone who wants to get certified in an environment that's conducive to learning and provides a great work-life balance approach to certification."- David Adesanya, Technical E2E Architect at Uptech.  Customer feedback can be viewed via linked in feedback.

We are committed to providing the highest quality training, with our delegates leaving as certified architects and a part of the elite of Enterprise Architects that are increasingly in demand.
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