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Induction Motor Market Size, Share, Industry, Forecast and outlook (2023-2030)

The Global Induction Motor Market exhibits robust growth with a high CAGR (2023-2030). Induction motors, pioneered by Nikola Tesla, are widely used, comprising 30% of global energy consumption.
Published 20 February 2024


The Global Induction Motor Market experiences significant growth with a high CAGR, driven by the widespread usage of induction motors pioneered by Nikola Tesla. These motors, constituting 30% of global energy consumption, are undergoing research for enhanced efficiency and are considered for propulsion in electric vehicles due to reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Market Dynamics

Market dynamics revolve around the robust construction of induction motors propelling growth. However, the presence of low-quality alternatives poses a challenge, impacting market expansion. Induction motors are celebrated for their durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making them crucial components in various applications.

Robust Structure of Induction Motors

The robust physical structure of induction motors serves as a major growth driver. These motors exhibit durability and versatility, making them suitable for diverse climates. With no slip rings and brushes, induction motors ensure safe operations even in hazardous conditions. Their reliability, ability to handle lighter loads, and low maintenance requirements contribute to widespread usage, fostering market growth.

Rise in Electric Vehicle Production

The induction motor market is positively influenced by the rapid growth in the electric vehicle sector. Induction motors, particularly three-phase motors, are favored in electric vehicles for their efficiency, speed regulation, and absence of commutators. The surge in electric vehicle production, driven by innovations, government support, and investments by major automakers, amplifies the demand for induction motors.

Availability of Low-Quality Induction Motors

Despite the market's regulated and organized sector maintaining high-quality standards, the unorganized sector offers low-cost alternatives, creating competition in local markets. The availability of low-quality induction motors from unorganized businesses poses a challenge to established market players, hindering the overall expansion of the market.

Competitive Landscape

The induction motor market features global players employing diverse strategies like product launches, acquisitions, alliances, and research & development. No single entity dominates the global market due to fierce competition. Major companies, including ABB Ltd., Ametek, Siemens AG, and Nidec Motor Corporation, engage in continuous innovation to maintain their competitive edge.

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