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Independent analyst places Docebo LMS at number three in the world

Docebo’s learning management system (LMS) has now been named as the third best LMS in the world for business-to-business (B2B) use.
Published 29 July 2014

Docebo’s learning management system (LMS) has now been named as the third best LMS in the world for business-to-business (B2B) use. This news comes only weeks after being placed in sixth position overall in a mid-year independent review of 600 LMSs by the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss and published by E-Learning 24/7.

Docebo’s sixth position marked a rise of one place on the previous listing, published in January this year. Now – only a few weeks later – writing in his blog on the E-Learning 24/7 site, Craig Weiss says of the disruptive Cloud e-learning solutions provider, Docebo: ‘I’ve talked highly about the company before and it’s very strong in B2B. Unlimited children/sub-portals/etc and skins are included in the system.

‘With the one click app capability, you can even add some additional punch to the offering. Modern UI (user interface); feature sets to match. The one item that does not come “as is” – is the ability to do a subscription bundle.

‘However, I listed Docebo here because its price is so affordable. Having that feature included is not a budget breaker.

‘Docebo is also a self-service system but, if you need some help setting it up, they’re there for you.  It offers the ability to have your own LMS on a separate server than everyone else.’

In his list of the top five LMSs in the world – published on 18th July – Craig named:

  1. ExpertusOne
  2. eLogic Learning
  3. Docebo
  4. LearnUpon
  5. SumTotal Learn

Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO, said: “It’s extremely gratifying to find that Docebo’s LMS is continuing to make rapid progress up the world rankings – rising three further places within weeks to stand in a podium position at the top of the tree. As Craig has realized, the Docebo LMS works particularly well when it’s used in the extended enterprise.”

‘Extended enterprise’ is a solutions consulting approach by which clients integrate their full supply chain of customers and partners - both upstream and downstream – with the whole system being managed centrally, so that the customer sees only one point of access. The advantages of this approach stem from a firm’s ability to use the entire network of its suppliers, vendors, buyers and customers - linking disparate information sources and providing opportunities to build knowledge-based tools.

Organizations can engage in longer-term partnering relationships built around mutual goals and accompanied by a rich, deep exchange of information. Success becomes a function of the collective performance of the enterprise rather than individual firms’ actions - extending the notion of an integrated supply chain.

Moreover, extended enterprise delivers training outside an organization’s boundaries to improve not just the customer experience but also increase partner productivity and involvement. In addition, this approach’s e-commerce capabilities enable participants to generate additional revenue and offer training to the entire extended network.

“Of course,” Claudio added, “the real challenge and reward for us is to provide all our customers – both the buyers and the users – with a system that is easy to operate and that always does what’s required. It’s great that we’re doing so – and being widely recognized for it.”

Over 650 organizations around the world are now using the Docebo LMS. Many of these client organizations are large, global companies – such as Sealed Air, Autodesk and Accenture – which are using the Docebo LMS to co-ordinate the learning of many thousands of learners belonging to different cultures and living in different time zones.

Docebo’s LMS supports social learning, via blog and gamification apps, along with a selection of social widgets. It also supports synchronous and asynchronous learning – via Tin Can (xAPI), video lessons and videoconferencing apps – along with instructor-led training, via a classroom app.

The LMS can be used as a class management tool and can cope with blended learning via a combination of various apps and widgets.

About Docebo

Docebo is a disruptive Cloud E-Learning solutions provider that is revolutionizing the online training market with its Software as a Service Learning Management System. Established in 2005, Docebo has over 28,000 installations worldwide, and is sold in more than 65 countries around the world. The Docebo LMS offers an enterprise solution for mid-sized to large organizations. Customers benefit from Docebo solutions thanks to a scalable pricing model, a third party integration (via API), and reliable service available 24/7 to further enhance the user experience.


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