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Eutelsat Broadband: Internet connections out of this world

A summary of the Eutelsat Broadband vision and methods, and the advantages of using their services to create your internet network, from the perspectives of speed, size, reliability and environmental consciousness.
Published 07 May 2015

Making the world a village

 A subsection of the French company Eutelsat, who has been at the forefront of satellite innovations since collaborating with government agencies to create a European infrastructure for satellite-based telecommunications in 1977, Eutelsat Broadband represents the latest in high-speed internet solutions. Recognising the need for even more powerful and, above all, reliable high -speed internet in the world of global markets and communications, Eutelsat Broadband seeks to constantly develop and revolutionize in order to be the best internet service provider and remain at the vanguard of possibility.

 Eutelsat Broadband operates KA-SAT, the largest High Throughput Satellite in Europe, meaning that frequencies can be re-used up to 20 times, thus enormously increasing the capacity and potential of bandwidth. With 82 spotbeams, the KA-SAT is the most advanced and geographically precise multi-spot satellite in the world, and is capable of concentrating power to highly specific locations. The advantages of this impressive geographical control are numerous and multi-faceted. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously is the idea of global internet access; in an age where the world is becoming a ‘village’ in terms of global communication, internet in the most isolated of areas is becoming a necessity where it was once an impossibility.

 By using satellites in the place of expensive landlines and terrestrial infrastructures, Eutelsat broadband provides a cost-effective and powerful solution to the difficulty of internet access in isolated regions and the worry “is there internet available in my area?” The answer, now, is always yes. For larger businesses and government agencies this is without a doubt an indispensable service in the modern world, providing ecological and high-speed long-distance communications, and uniting global companies and partnerships. This is something also achieved through their VPN remote access solutions and LAN/WLAN interconnections, which allows co-workers and collaborators to remain connected across all ends of the earth.

Bringing the world to you

  The advantages, however, are not limited to professional connections for enterprises; the possibilities are limited only by the creativity of the human mind, and can be adapted and tailored to diverse needs. Eutelsat Broadband has already proved invaluable to a wide range of requirements, from the security of banking services to the efficiency of emergency services to the provision of internet to tourist campsites. Eutelsat’s services have also become an essential part of satellite news gathering, with their NewsSpotter, which enables journalists to communicate information and share footage from any location both efficiently and cost-effectively.  

 With the notion of remote access, Eutelsat can be used not only by those seeking fast internet in areas not otherwise supplied with broadband, but also to supplement existing connections and increase bandwidth. With the Tooway satellite broadband system, anyone and everyone can enjoy these benefits with a simple pack comprised of a small satellite dish and a modem.

For the Eutelsat Broadband team, it is of the utmost importance to acknowledge that in a professional world so inextricably tied to technology, (bandwidth) size is not everything. It is for this reason that they also prioritize both network reliability and environmental consciousness. High-speed internet access provided by satellite ensures infallible connections and back up, meaning that their services are impervious to the natural or technical disasters which compromise terrestrial connections. In addition, the satellite is powered entirely by solar panels, which means that regardless of size and global dispersal, networks provided by KA-SAT leave, quite literally, no mark on the earth.



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