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Docebo showcases the latest version of its Learning Management System

At the recent Learning Technologies event in London, Docebo and GuyKat Solutions showcased the latest Docebo Learning Management System release – 6.1.
Published 05 February 2014

At the recent Learning Technologies event in London, Docebo and GuyKat Solutions showcased the latest Docebo Learning Management System release – 6.1 - with Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and Amazon CloudFront support, bringing companies a faster, more flexible and efficient learning delivery solution with global reach.

Josh Squires, Docebo’s Chief Operating Officer, EMEA, explained: “The Docebo Learning Management System now leverages Amazon Web Services, which means that Online Courses are now streamed worldwide with an unprecedented transfer speed.

“There’s also a Video Converter, since videos are great training resources to be included in multimedia online courses. This is why the brand-new Docebo video converter lets you upload any format of video and it will then be automatically converted into mp4 and optimized for the web.

“In addition, you can now distribute private content using a signed URL - so specific content can safely be distributed to users for a limited period. In other words, you can send out safe emails with signed URLs and make it easier for your users to access online resources.”

The Docebo LMS was already delivered “As a Service” via the Cloud, allowing companies to have a reliable training tool that could be accessed worldwide with low latency. However, this update further enhances handling of Learning Objects and Online Courses: those training materials can be stored on Amazon’s cloud server, and streamed using a global network of edge locations. With Amazon CDN, streaming content is automatically routed to the optimal edge location near the requester to deliver the best possible performance.

“We’re excited about these product enhancements as we have been cloud pioneers and we always trusted in cloud technology,” said Claudio Erba, CEO and Founder of Docebo. “By leveraging Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and Amazon CloudFront services, we’re now able to deliver both the LMS and the Online Courses in five continents with low latency and a higher data transfer speed.”

"We're incredibly excited about the roadmap for the Docebo product and are looking forward to showing as many L&D professionals as possible why Docebo is such an innovative and disruptive value proposition,” said Guy McEvoy, Managing Director of GuyKat Solutions, Docebo's UK partner.

About GuyKat Solutions

GuyKat – exclusive UK Partner of Docebo - is a specialist provider of eLearning solutions. It uses the latest learning technologies to create bespoke eLearning and support clients through organisational development or change.

About Docebo

Providing a Cloud ‘As a Service’ E-Learning platform (Learning Management System), Docebo has over 28,000 customers worldwide and is building an international partner network in more than 26 countries. Its main products (Docebo SaaS and Docebo Premium) are designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well as large enterprises and non-corporate organizations. Customers are offered a scalable pricing model, third party integration (via API) and a reliable service - available 24/7 - that further empowers the user experience.



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