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Boost your career: develop enterprise architecture modelling skills.

Modelling Success:Current trends show that many organisations require architects with enterprise architecture modelling skills for streamlining and optimising the organisational IT capabilities and assets.
Published 09 January 2012

EA Dynamics UK launches practical Enterprise Architecture course for 2012

EA Dynamics UK continually strives to provide unique dimensions to the understanding and application of Enterprise Architecture. As part of this ethos, we are pleased to announce the launch of our two-day ArchiMate modelling courses.

ArchiMate is an international modelling language recognised by the Open Group and is inclusive of all four architecture domains, Archimate modelling language incorprporates concepts, relations, semantics, rules and notation. It is the pivotal means of further strengthening your understanding of Enterprise Architecture through the understanding and application of modelling tools, whether you have completed accredited TOGAF training or are looking to advance your business career. 

We aim to steer delegates away from the need to 'model everything' - instead giving you the ability to identify and focus upon the architecturally significant elements required.   Developing modelling skills will help you analyse and produce relevant architecture to assist clear communication, understanding and relevance to affected stakeholders and alignment with defined business objectives.

The course includes assessment of various frameworks - helping you choose the most appropriate modelling framework for the project and client, giving you the confidence and ability to begin using these tools to their full potential. 

Our courses are run by experienced trainers who are aware of the perils of 'Death by PowerPoint' and instead run exercises and discussions to cut through the jargon and theory to deliver practical and tailored training so you receive the optimum results for your business.

Courses start from the end of January 2012 and are available across the UK. For more details, and to book, visit: or email:

Analysis of business trends show a demand for skilled resources that can streamline and strategically plan Enterprise Architecture, providing agile, efficient and cost-effective capabilities in tune with business needs.  The ability to model and transform these capabilities is core to managing and transforming the enterprise.  Quality Enterprise Architecture modelling training courses offer familiarisation of frameworks such as Zachman and ArchiMate; assessing the pros and cons of the most predominantly used frameworks. 

Start 2012 by booking a course to help master these sought after modelling skills and take a positive step to help you realise and develop your true career potential.

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