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New Class O Armaflex Launched with Improved Technical Properties

The new AF/Armaflex Class O brand thermal insulation, is now available with all the products providing the same technical values for the first time.
Published 17 January 2014

The new AF/Armaflex Class O brand thermal insulation, incorporating a full range of elastomeric tubes, self seal tubes, coils, tape, flat sheet, self-adhesive sheets, continuous sheet (rolls) and pre-insulated pipe supports is now available with all the products providing the same technical values for the first time. The new range from technical insulation manufacturer Armacell is suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning, chilled water, process lines and heating and ventilation pipe and ductwork applications, with products available from January 2014. These replace the previous Class O Armaflex range, with the new AF/Armaflex Class O tube and sheet product codes now prefixed with AF-CO for ease of identification.

Ever since advanced insulation manufacturer Armacell first developed Armaflex flexible nitrile rubber foam range in the 1950s it has grown to be the most recognised technical thermal insulation brand in the world for cold process applications. The Class O Armaflex brand was developed at Armacell’s Oldham plant in the 1960s and was the first flexible insulation to meet the UK fire standards.

The Construction Products Regulation introduced in 2013 now means it is mandatory for Armaflex and other thermal insulation products to carry a CE Mark. The legislation sets out a harmonised European standard (hEN) for declaring the technical values of flexible elastomeric foams and new testing procedures to determine the stated performance. The obligatory technical values, as set out in the harmonised standard, must be stated by the manufacturer in a Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate.

A new improved formulation of Armaflex has therefore been developed to meet these obligatory European fire performance, thermal conductivity and water vapour diffusion resistance values. This new advanced formula AF/Armaflex Class O range manufactured in the UK has a Euroclass Fire Rating of Bs3-d0 (the European equivalent to a Class O rating) and improved thermal conductivity performance of 0.033 W/(m • K) at 0ºC. The water vapour diffusion resistance performance is also improved from 7,000 to µ ≥ 10,000. In addition the product is now free from medium chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCP) which construction product agencies in Sweden and Norway have ruled against because of the threat they have been found to pose to marine wildlife.

This new formulation is also used to manufacture the Armaflex Tuffcoat range of products, which are the AF/Armaflex Class O material laminated with a tough white or black PVC covering to protect against UV, weathering and impact damage when installed outdoors. From 2014 the Tuffcoat range includes additional pipe diameter sizes up to 89mm O/D, with tube and sheet wall thicknesses of 25mm and continuous sheet rolls and self-adhesive continuous sheet options also available.

The closed cell structure of Armaflex has established the product as the leading insulation for refrigerated and chilled water pipe work, providing a built-in vapour barrier for superior condensation control. The low thermal conductivity value ensures excellent energy saving performance to improve the efficiency and prolong the lifespan of building services equipment. The product also comes with Microban® antimicrobial protection to further safeguard against condensation and bacteria causing indoor air quality problems.

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