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Heatmiser offers a perfect Dual Zone Control Solution for your Bedroom with En-suite

As trees begin to shed their leaves and Autumn winds bring a distinctly chilly feel back to the UK; we start to notice temperature variations as we move from room to room within the home.Often the most noticeable (and uncomfortable) is the chill felt as we rise from warm beds and head into the en-suite for our morning shower.
Published 07 October 2013
Historically, heating engineers have tried to provide control solutions by either:• installing a single thermostat at the doorway between the rooms; or,• installing 2 thermostats; 1 in each of the rooms.

Unfortunately neither of these traditional options provides an ideal solution and both systems exhibit some obvious problems that homeowners know well.

Singular temperature control for adjoining rooms necessitates compromise.

As these rooms serve very different purposes and their comparative usage time varies greatly; people simply find it impossible to get the temperature balance right.

Either their bedroom feels uncomfortably hot (to ensure their en-suite feels warm) or they continue to suffer exactly the same problem as they did before the installation (bedroom temperature is acceptable but their en-suite feels cold by comparison).

Conversely, the dual thermostat option presents a completely different set of problems.Whilst the temperature of both rooms can be independently controlled at the desired comfort level; finding a good location for a thermostat in the en-suite can be very challenging.

It’s a “wet room” environment, prone to experience steam and condensation and usually quite a small room with limited wall space on which to mount a thermostat.

When you consider wall clutter, effective sensor positioning, easy user access and important electrical regulations in combination, you will quickly understand why locating a thermostat in the en-suite can be a difficult and often quite expensive proposition.

That’s why Heatmiser offers aneffective and affordable solution to help homeowners safely achieveoptimum temperature control in both rooms simultaneously.

Our PRT2-TS “bedroom & en-suite thermostat” comes complete with a remote sensor and can be used with the optional EN030 sensor enclosure to provide the ideal control solution for this specific situation.

This touchscreen programmable room thermostat offers accurate temperature control of 2 zones simultaneously.Zone 1 (Bedroom) is controlled using the thermostat’s built-in air temperature sensor and Zone 2 (En-suite) uses a remote sensorprobe to safely monitor and control the temperature in the “wet room”.The remote probe can be located either inside or outside the specially designed EN030 enclosure that is included as standard with every PRT2-TS thermostat.

Availablein the Heatmiseronline store for under £85, the PRT2-TS offers great value for afully programmable touchscreen model and is significantly more costeffective than installing a separate thermostat in each of the rooms.

Its simple operation allows users to view and control both zones independently on the touchscreen and both zones also show on the free Heatmiser app for remote multi-zone heating control.Importantly, the comparatively small size of the EN030 enclosure minimises wall clutter in the en-suite and due to its specialized design, there are no worries about installing electrical devices in the wet room.If you want to take accurate control of your bedroom and en-suite temperatures before winter sets in, we’re sure you will find the PRT2-TS is an ideal solution at a surprisingly affordable price.

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