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Rare NRG1 Fusion Market to Witness Upsurge in Growth with a CAGR of 25.9%| Elevation Oncology, Hummingbird Bioscience, Boehringer Ingelheim, AVEO Oncology and other companies are expected to change the Market scenario by 2032, forecasts DelveInsight

To strategically aid Rare NRG1 Fusion companies developing drugs for Rare NRG1 Fusion, DelveInsight launched a report titled as “Rare NRG1 Fusion Market Insight, Epidemiology and Market Forecast -2032”.
Published 01 December 2023

{Delhi, India} To strategically aid Rare NRG1 Fusion companies developing drugs for Rare NRG1 Fusion, DelveInsight launched a report titled as “Rare NRG1 Fusion Market Insight, Epidemiology and Market Forecast -2032”. This comprehensive report delves into epidemiology based market analysis, providing a roadmap for success in the dynamic landscape of Rare NRG1 Fusion market.

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Key Highlights from Rare NRG1 Fusion market Report:

  • The Rare NRG1 Fusion market size is anticipated to grow with a significant CAGR of 25.9% during the study period (2019-2032)
  • As per DelveInsight's analysis, the largest contribution to the Rare NRG1 Fusion market size is anticipated to come from the United States due to a larger patient population and higher treatment expenses, followed by Japan.
  • NRG1 fusions resulting from genetic rearrangements are infrequent, accounting for less than 1% in most solid tumors. However, they exhibit a higher occurrence in specific cancer categories such as pancreatic cancer lacking KRAS mutations, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) without driver mutations, and the invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma subtype of lung cancer.
  • The anticipated growth of the market between 2022 to 2032 is poised to be propelled by the substantial research and development efforts by pharmaceutical firms, along with the projected introduction of authorized therapies.
  • Key Rare NRG1 Fusion Companies: Elevation Oncology, Merus, Hummingbird Bioscience, Boehringer Ingelheim, AVEO Oncology and CANbridge Pharmaceuticals, Salubris Biotherapeutics, and others
  • Key Rare NRG1 Fusion Therapies:Seribantumab (MM-121), Zenocutuzumab (Zeno, MCLA-128), HMBD-001, Afatinib, AV-203 (CAN017), JK07, and others

Rare NRG1 Fusion Country based Treatment Overview: 

The current research report on the Rare NRG1 Fusion market presents prevailing treatment approaches, emerging pharmaceuticals, individual therapy market shares, and projected market sizes from 2019 to 2032 across seven key markets. It encompasses the current treatment standards and potential gaps in managing Rare NRG1 Fusion, aiming to identify opportunities and evaluate the market's latent prospects.

The neuregulin 1 growth factor, which is a member of the complex family of proteins known as heregulins, is encoded by the neuregulin-1 (NRG1) gene. These proteins have a structural connection to EGF signals and ERBB receptor tyrosine kinase activity activation. In particular, the binding of NRG1 to the receptor phosphorylates the intrinsic kinase domains of ERBB3, promotes their dimerization with the ERBB2 receptor, and activates the downstream pathways of PI3K-AKT and MAPK.

To Know in detail about the Rare NRG1 Fusion market outlook, drug uptake, treatment scenario and epidemiology trends, Click here; Rare NRG1 Fusion Market Forecast

Rare NRG1 Fusion Epidemiology Insights: 

The epidemiology segment focusing on Rare NRG1 Fusion offers insights into the past and present patient populations along with anticipated trends in seven key countries. This analysis aids in understanding the origins of current and projected trends through comprehensive study reviews and perspectives from influential experts.

There were 5,733 cases of Rare NRG1 Fusion incidents in the 7MM as of 2021; however, this number is anticipated to increase between 2019 and 2032.

The Rare NRG1 Fusion epidemiology based on gender analyzed that in NSCLC, NRG1 fusions is more common in females than in males

Rare NRG1 Fusion Epidemiology Segmentation:

  • Total Prevalence of Rare NRG1 Fusion
  • Prevalent Cases ofRare NRG1 Fusion by severity
  • Gender-specific Prevalence of Rare NRG1 Fusion
  • Diagnosed Cases of Episodic and Chronic Rare NRG1 Fusion

Rare NRG1 Fusion Therapies and Key Companies

  • Seribantumab (MM-121): Elevation Oncology
  • Zenocutuzumab (Zeno, MCLA-128): Merus
  • HMBD-001: Hummingbird Bioscience
  • Afatinib: Boehringer Ingelheim
  • AV-203 (CAN017): AVEO Oncology and CANbridge Pharmaceuticals
  • JK07: Salubris Biotherapeutics

Download the report to understand which factors are driving Rare NRG1 Fusion epidemiology trends @ Rare NRG1 Fusion Epidemiology Forecast

Emerging Rare NRG1 Fusion drugs Uptake:

The Rare NRG1 Fusion drug uptake contains a thorough overview of the late-stage (Phase III and Phase II) pipeline therapies for Rare NRG1 Fusion. Knowledge about the Rare NRG1 Fusion clinical study, partnerships and collaborations, approval and patent details, expressive pharmacological action, pros and cons of each medicine featured, and the most recent news and press releases are also helpful.

The drug development pipeline for Rare NRG1 Fusion appears limited, featuring only a handful of notable contributors like Elevation Oncology and Merus. Moreover, Hummingbird Bioscience has a primary candidate in its initial developmental phases.

Regarding prospective therapies directed at the NRG1/ERBB Pathway, preliminary evidence from preclinical studies shows inhibition of ErbB in NRG1-positive models. Given that NRG1 proteins function as ligands for ErbB receptors, treatments focusing on ErbB, such as monoclonal antibodies like GSK2849330 and zenocutuzumab (MCLA-128), and small molecules including afatinib, lapatinib, erlotinib, and neratinib, are notably noteworthy.

Discover more about therapies set to grab major Rare NRG1 Fusion market share @ Rare NRG1 Fusion Treatment Market

Rare NRG1 Fusion Market Forecast:

The Rare NRG1 Fusion market size across the 7MM is anticipated to undergo alterations between 2019 and 2032. Forecasts suggest a growth trajectory for the therapeutic market of Rare NRG1 Fusion in the seven major markets during this period, exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25.9%.

The major strength of the Rare NRG1 Fusion market is the identification of NRG1 as a potential target for developing treatments for different types of cancer. Studies have shown that drugs targeted at NRG1+ NSCLC are having a positive effect on the patients

Scope of the Rare NRG1 Fusion Market Report: 

  • Geography Coverage: 7MM
  • Study Period: 2019-2032
  • Rare NRG1 Fusion CAGR: 25.9%
  • Key Rare NRG1 Fusion Companies: Elevation Oncology, Merus, Hummingbird Bioscience, Boehringer Ingelheim, AVEO Oncology and CANbridge Pharmaceuticals, Salubris Biotherapeutics, and others

To know more about Rare NRG1 Fusion companies working in the treatment market, visit @ Rare NRG1 Fusion Clinical Trials and Therapeutic Assessment

DelveInsight's report offers comprehensive insights, market analysis, and forecasts aiding leading companies in strategic decision-making for the Rare NRG1 Fusion market landscape.

  • Gain Competitive Edge in Indication Market : Understand the current landscape of the Rare NRG1 Fusion market, including the competitive environment, key companies developing drugs for Rare NRG1 Fusion, and their strategies. By analyzing market dynamics, treatment approaches, and emerging Rare NRG1 Fusion therapies, stakeholders can identify opportunities to position themselves effectively, gaining a competitive edge over others.
  • Identify Market Gaps and indication market opportunities : Analyzing epidemiological trends, country wise patient journeys and existing treatment practices can help in identifying gaps and opportunities within the Rare NRG1 Fusion market. This involves recognizing areas where current Rare NRG1 Fusion treatments may be insufficient or where there is an unmet need. The report is curated by taking account of various KOLs dealing with Rare NRG1 Fusion. Identifying these gaps allows stakeholders to explore new therapeutic avenues, potentially leading to the development of novel treatments that address specific market needs and price their emerging products strategically to gain a competitive edge.
  • Strategic decision making : Armed with insights from epidemiological and market forecasts, stakeholders can make informed and strategic decisions. This may involve deciding on research and development investments, portfolio expansion, pricing - reimbursement strategies, partnerships, or other strategic moves. Understanding the market dynamics enables stakeholders to align their goals with the prevailing trends and future projections.
  • Plan RoadMap to Success: Through this report the leading companies can set short-term and long-term goals, define strategies for market penetration, and outline steps for product development or market expansion. A well-informed roadmap ensures that stakeholders navigate the complexities of the Rare NRG1 Fusion market with clarity and purpose. 

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