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Published Thu, Jul 11th 2019

Medical Disinfectants and Sterility Testing Market: Competitive Dynamics & Global Outlook 2025

Addressing the most sought-after questions that occupy the minds of entrepreneurs and decision makers, the new report of "Stratview Research" on the Medical Disinfectants and Sterility Testing Market, answers all the important questions.

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Getting to the bare bones of the issues and factors which are sculpturing the market, Stratview Research brings out the best actionable market intelligence for the global Medical Disinfectants and Sterility Testing Market.
The analysts have scrupulously studied the trend and cautiously forecasted the future market developments for 2018-2025.
The important questions the report answers are:
  1. What will be the market growth rate in the near future?
  2. What are the major developments in the market wrt regulations, acquisitions and innovations?
  3. What are the growth drivers as well as the constraints?
  4. What are the regional growth hotspots?
  5. What are the segmental growth forecasts?
These questions and many more, big and small, are all discussed in the report in great detail.
The Global Medical Disinfectants and Sterility Testing Market: Highlights
The proper use of medical disinfectants can help contain and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Many infectious diseases can be halted in their tracks by the proper use of medical disinfectant products, and by the routine disinfection and sterilization of medical devices. Globally, infectious disease, maternal, neonatal conditions and others are collectively responsible for > 23% or global deaths (as per reports by WHO in 2012). Health care-associated infections, or HAIs, are primarily the infections that patients acquire during their stay in the hospital or visit to clinics in a hospital premise. HAIs can be acquired anywhere starting from inpatient acute care hospitals, outpatient settings such as ambulatory surgical centers and end-stage renal disease facilities, and long-term care such as nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, hospice, and others.
The global medical disinfectants and sterility testing market is segmented into the following categories:
  • By Type                                  :           Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Others
  • By Mode of Delivery              :           Kits & Reagents, Instruments and Others,
  • By Sterility Test                      :           Direct Inoculation Sterility Testing, Membrane Filtration Sterility Testing and  Others
  • By Formulation                       :           Liquid, Spray, Wipe
  • By Application                        :           Medical Devices, Pharma & Biotech, Hospitals and Others
  • By Region                               :           North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Rest of the World
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Market Segments
While the source of infection in a healthcare set up can vary from hands (of healthcare workers) to instruments to polluted air in the premise, the pathogens are common and can be checked by using a powerful disinfectant. Some of the sterile areas of hospitals such OT, Labor room, Recovery rooms, Intensive Care Units require special maintenance and disinfectants to keep the overall prevalence of HAIs.
The report also gives insight on the preferences and demands in the Asia Pacific market versus Western Europe versus North America versus the nascent and growing economies such as the Middle East, Africa, East Europe and Latin America. Our end user participants are healthcare workers, nurses, QA specialists who have given an unbiased view about the usage of disinfectants in their hospital set up. The data collected from sterility testing in healthcare set up also corroborates with the incidence and prevalence of infection in a particular set up.
Companies such as Danaher Corporation, Biomérieux SA , SGS S.A. ,Nelson Laboratories, Pacific Biolabs, Sartorius AG, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. , Toxikon Corporation, Wuxi Apptec.  are present globally. However, the competition is quite different at the regional and country level, where the focus is more on domestic producers versus multi-nationals.
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