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Managed Support Services introduces software tool to better manage health and safety

Managed Support Services, the building services and compliance specialist, has launched a web-based software solution to enable customers to better manage their health and safety policies and procedures.
Published 06 July 2011

COMPLeye is a web-based management and reporting tool that is designed to streamline and consolidate health and safety processes to keep employees safe, lower costs, reduce administration and ensure legislative compliance.

The online health and safety portal will provide a central hub where all documents, manuals, forms and completed audits can be stored and easily accessed from any location or on the move via an Internet-enabled device. The solution will provide a health and safety resource, so users can find useful information about the latest legislation, best practice and guidance, whilst live support will enable clients to contact MSS skilled practitioners through the site for advice.

Companies will also be able to monitor health and safety performance and measure key performance indicators using an advanced reporting package. COMPLeye will collate key date from a range of reports including health and safety, fire risk, disability and discrimination, food safety and workstation assessment on a single-or multi-site basis. This will allow areas of improvement to be identified to minimise workplace risks.

Meanwhile, scheduling and action management functionality will enable businesses to track and measure the progress of health and safety activities to ensure agreed actions, tasks, and planned audits are undertaken. Automated email reminders and updates will help to communicate essential information to relevant staff members and avoid missed deadlines.

Joe Mead Managing Director of MSS Compliance said: "We have worked closely with our customers, and our own employees to develop a bespoke software package that will provide high levels of visibility and insight into a company's health and safety performance. This will contribute to an improved health and safety culture that is instilled across an organisation in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

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