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Published Thu, Jul 11th 2019

Drug Screening/Testing Market: Competitive Dynamics & Global Outlook 2025

Addressing the most sought-after questions that occupy the minds of entrepreneurs and decision makers, the new report of "Stratview Research" on the Drug Screening/Testing Market, answers all the important questions.

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Getting to the bare bones of the issues and factors which are sculpturing the market, Stratview Research brings out the best actionable market intelligence for the global Drug Screening/Testing Market.
The analysts have scrupulously studied the trend and cautiously forecasted the future market developments for 2018-2025.
The important questions the report answers are:
  1. What will be the market growth rate in the near future?
  2. What are the major developments in the market wrt regulations, acquisitions and innovations?
  3. What are the growth drivers as well as the constraints?
  4. What are the regional growth hotspots?
  5. What are the segmental growth forecasts?
These questions and many more, big and small, are all discussed in the report in great detail.
The Global Clinical Diagnostics Market – Drug Screening/Test: Highlights
In the developed markets such as the USA, the UK, Australia and others, drug tests are considered much more reliable and accurate than simple drug screens, although these tests are lot pricier i.e. ~ $200 and take a lot longer to perform i.e. around 1-7 days. However, these tests are far more in demand for pre-employment services, rehabilitation services, sports & training academy, defence departments and others.
The global clinical diagnostics market (drug screening) is segmented into the following categories:
  • By Product                              :           Immunoassay Analyzers, Chromatography and Others
  • By Type of Sample Collection :          Urine, Hair/Skin and Others
  • By Testing Facility                  :           Hospital Laboratories, Independent Clinical Laboratories and Others
  • By Demand                             :           Pre-employment services (private), Rehabilitation services and Others
  • By Region                               :           North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Rest of the World
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Market Segments
The future of random and pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is expected to be enforced within all job activities at least in all the major markets across the globe. Recent trends in the industry indicate that it will be almost impossible for recreational drug users to get a job with small and larger companies especially in countries like the USA, Germany, the UK, France, GCC, Canada, etc. Enforcing drug testing at work is probably the single most effective weapon the market and the law makers are expecting to use against younger and adult substance abuse.
This report highlights the demand that is expected to come from different sectors in various regions in the next 5-7 years and which can help the manufactures of drug diagnostic kits and reagents and also the services sector to prioritize their marketing plans and product launches accordingly.
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