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Published Mon, Feb 11th 2019

Do you know what to do in an emergency?

We have done some research and linked some helpful guides from UK Fire Services who can help keep your home safe.

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We have recently been blogging and posting about testing your smoke alarms and keeping an eye out for wear on household items. We know everyone’s households differ and often every plan must fit different requirements, therefore we have done some research and linked some helpful guides from UK Fire Services who can help keep your home safe.

London Fire Brigade

The London Fire Brigade have a large website offering loads of advice on fire escape plans, general fire safety tips and what to do if a fire does break out in your home.

You could make use of some of their useful guides to help educate all the members of your households, here are some of our favourites:

- Smoke Alarm ‘must know’
- Worried about Fire Safety?
- Escape Plan

Fire Service

The UK Fire Service Resources aim to provide Fire and Rescue Service related information and an online community where members of the UK Fire and Rescue Service and members of the public can find all the information they require.

Their Fire Safety guides offer advice on all topics ranging from BBQ fire to operating fire extinguishers, have a look at their website to find what you’re looking for.

Council Websites

Most local council websites all include information on fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire. They provide further advice on safety within high-rise buildings or speaking to landlords about fire safety equipment.

Have a look for your local council online and look at what they recommend.

Additionally, local fire services are always willing to provide further advice on how to prevent fires from breaking out in your home, if you feel you need more information have a look at their sites online or ask a friend for help. Remember, the best way to ensure you are alerted of fires in your home is by installing smoke alarms and testing them regularly, the alarm alone will provide enough warning to alert emergency services.

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