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Fortel Nijjer's achievements are his pride

Fortel Nijjer and his achievements.
Published 23 October 2020

Fortel Nijjer has made numerous achievements throughout his short time as the CEO of Fortel, which is providing extraordinary services in civil engineering and construction across the UK.

One of these key achievements is Fortel’s selection on Deloitte`s future 1000 - strengthened by its reputation as one of the best service providers in the field of construction and civil engineering in the past few years.

Throughout 2019, Fortel’s Senior Leadership Team discussed different services and current affairs related to their services with key political and economic figures from across the country, spearheaded by Sat Nijjer’s contacts and forward-thinking approach.

Fortel Nijjer’s achievements with Fortel also include bringing on board some of the most experienced professionals on board as the company grew - this addition of intellectual minds increased that rate of growth.

The quality of services and products provided by Fortel is the key reason behind its growth, and Fortel Nijjer ensured this stayed consistent throughout this period.

Focus on staff has also been a key achievement of Sat Nijjer’s time at the head of the company, with training provided to boost skills, alongside the best processes put in place to ensure they can do their job to the best of their abilities.

Customer experience has also improved during this time, thanks to a talented team of estimators and engineers - another element which has been boosted and focused on by Sat Nijjer.


Fortel is the company that is now in the top 1000 companies or the future list of Deloitte. This means that they have made a lot of success in the field of construction. If anyone wants to get any kind of construction job done, they are the best option in the whole country.

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