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Techsil Filters Out the Best Sealants & Adhesives

Best sealants and adhesives for the filter industry and filter assembly.
Published 15 August 2014

Techsil provide a wide range of adhesives and sealants suitable for bonding many kinds of filter assemblies. Techsil's filter adhesives are able to bond most materials found in filter assemblies including stainless steel, mesh screens, textiles and pleated card.

Our products' properties have been developed to include excellent resistance to oil, water, fuel and other chemicals making them perfect for a wide variety of filter applications.

Tecbond 267-43 is a high performance hotmelt adhesive, formulated for Polyofin plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene; offering a high heat resistance of 110°C and good low temperature resistance of -30°C. Good bonds can be achieved on polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, rigid PVC, light gauge metals, polystyrene and many other substrates. The long open time of this grade permits longer assembly processes and allows for better surface adhesion when using metal media such as stainless steel.

Tecbond 7785 is a chemical resistant multi-purpose hotmelt adhesive; a tough flexible polyamide based material which provides very good chemical resistance as well as high and low temperature resistance. This adhesive is suitable for product assembly, air and fuel filter manufacture with a medium open time that allows for faster assembly processes. Tecbond 7785 is available in 12mm and 15mm sticks, 43mm slugs.

Tecbond 14 is a high delivery, very fast setting hotmelt adhesive which is suitable for use on most paper and board substrates. The low viscosity of this grade helps prevent stringing, improves glue gun output and ensures bonds are made with the minimum gap between surfaces. Tecbond 14 is available in 12mm and 15mm sticks, 43mm slugs.

Epoxy Solutions

EP20585 is a 2-part epoxy adhesive with chemical and fuel resistance. It has medium viscosity, a fast cure and is castable. It has an easy mix 1:1 ratio, offers great adhesion to most substrates and is suitable for use in filters where chemicals or fuels are present.

Polyurethane Solutions

PU2600FS is a fast cure, two-component fuel resistant polyurethane system with low viscosity (3000cps). It has good adhesion and is mainly used in rigid fuel systems. This off-white, 80 Shore D material is non-toxic, doesn’t contain halogens or heavy metals and is flame retardant to UL94-VO.

Silicone Solutions

RTV27905 is a clear, soft re-enterable silicone gel. With low viscosity of 1000cps, this product remains flexible and operates at low and high temperatures (-60+200c). It is suitable for HEPA Filters and offers excellent adhesion to many substrates. It provides superb curing characteristics and pot life and can also be used to provide protection from vibration and thermal or mechanical shock. RTV27905 is a soft, but very resilient material that comes in a handy 1:1 mix ratio. 

RTV31 is a two-component high temperature silicone rubber compound containing red iron oxide, which retains its elastomeric properties to high temperatures, 310c. It has medium viscosity, offers excellent adhesion without the use of a primer and is ozone resistant. There are options to use with different catalysts which will facilitate different curing depths and work times. Free from solvents and solvent odours, RTV31 is suitable for power station filters.

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