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Placements! They're alive!

The power resistor manufacturer Cressall has taken on four summer placements through the Science without Borders (SwB) programme.
Published 12 August 2014

The Brazilian engineering students from the University of Derby will be with Cressall for three months and have already made an impressive start.

If I said to you, Science without Borders, what image does this conjure up in your mind I wonder? Some of you, perhaps fans of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, may immediately think of philosophical debates regarding moral limits in science. Or perhaps the mad scientist in his lab, furiously working on something covered by a stained sheet - as lightning flashes outside. 

However, our readers may already know that I’m referring to the Brazilian Government-run scholarship programme, Science without Borders (SwB). The programme, which has been running since 2012, aims to send over 100,000 Brazilian students to study science, technology, creative industries, engineering and mathematics at top universities around the world.

Science without Borders UK (SwB UK), the UK specific scheme, is managed by the UK HE International Unit (IU) on behalf of Universities UK. The scheme runs each year and involves Brazilian students coming to study at a UK university for nine months, followed by a three month summer work placement with local companies. This is where Cressall comes in.  

In 2013 Cressall was first contacted by the University of Derby, regarding their students in the SwB scheme and a candidate was chosen by Cressall for a summer placement. This worked out as a great success for both parties. On one hand, Cressall was able to give a student a working insight into the manufacturing world and in return we got to work with a talented and enthusiastic young engineer; win-win. Due to last year's success, we of course leaped at the opportunity to take part again this year.

Students were chosen from a multitude of CVs sent to Cressall by the University of Derby and candidates were then interviewed. At the end of a tricky decision process, due to the impressive calibre of candidates, we emerged with four successful applicants. 

In their short time at Cressall the interns have already been involved with lean management projects, developing process flow charts, developing control plans, and  conducting FMEAs. Yet again, the students in the SwB programme are proving themselves to be a great asset to the company. We shall truly be sad to see them go at the end of their summer placement. 

However, there is no need to grieve too much because there is always the opportunity to work with a new bunch of hungry young minds next summer. So, no need to investigate ways of creating them in the lab like Mary Shelley’s eponymous Doctor... just yet.


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