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Industrial frying oil filter

High-performance inline filter for cooking oils with automatic filtration system delivers efficient filtration and recovery of cooking oil.
Published 06 February 2018

Inline high-temperature filter provides efficient solution to removing contamination from used frying oils

Milhans Gida ve Tarim Urunleri is a leading producer of healthy, high-quality nut products and snacks in Turkey. Established in 2009, the company has grown rapidly to become a major manufacturer of private label products to some of Turkey’s largest food retailers, as well as supplying its own range of Milhans snacks.

At Milhans’ production site in Kocaeli, Turkey, a key area of production is the peanut processing line. With peanuts being used in a variety of Milhans brands and private label foods, it is imperative that the quality and hygiene of the final products are of the highest quality. Also, as the company continues to meet increasing demand for its products, the company continues to review its processes and environmental impact. When seeking a filtration system to optimize the process of reclaiming and reusing cooking oil, Milhans consulted Russell Finex for a solution.

The peanuts are cooked in an industrial frying machine at around 150°C using vegetable oil. Once a certain quantity of peanuts has been cooked, the oil is removed from the frying machine and filtered to remove contaminants, before being recycled and used again. Previously, Milhans was using a paper filtration system to filter the recovered oil. However, this system was not achieving the required throughput, nor providing consistent filtration quality. Moreover, production downtime was caused through having to manually change the paper filter cartridges, which often became saturated and blocked with contamination. Changes would sometimes have to be carried out multiple times a day.

Alev Palabiyik, Milhans Production Manager, said, “The paper filters we were previously using to filter the cooking oil was not meeting our production needs. These filters were not able to produce the consistent, fine filtration required and we were experiencing high costs through having to continually change the paper filter cartridges.  We also needed a filtration system with significantly higher capacity to meet the increasing demands for our peanut products.”

Following consultation with Russell Finex, it was decided that the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® installed with a Russell Filter Management System™ would be the ideal solution for recovering the used cooking oil. This industrial oil filtration system was easy to install in the existing production line, capable of filtering high-temperature liquids and providing a significant upgrade on the previous paper cartridge filters.

Compared to the paper filters, the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® delivers 20 times the throughput rate of cooking oil, whilst filtering at a finer particle size – 50 microns compared to the 80 microns achieved previously. Therefore, as well as delivering increased throughput, the new filter ensures an even finer, consistent quality of cooking oil. In addition, the unique self-cleaning design means there are no stoppages to change filter cartridges and no slowing of throughput to clean blocked filter elements.

Mr Palabiyik continued, “Our new filter from Russell Finex has significantly improved this area of production. We can expect to achieve a return on investment of 150% year on the unit, through savings made on not having to purchase replacement paper filter cartridges. The increased quality of the recovered oil means we can continue to meet the high standards expected by our customers.”

These filters feature a unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system to provide effective and continuous removal of oversize contamination from liquids down to 10 micron. The self-cleaning design increases production rates through reducing downtime caused by having to replace filter cartridges, and eliminating the slowing of throughput as cartridges block with contamination.  This results in a considerable reduction in production costs, eliminating the continual costs of replacing and disposing of used filter media, as well as reducing wasted liquid product, labour costs and downtime. The filters are totally enclosed, meaning no fumes and limited operator exposure to liquid. A range of high-flow, high-temperature and sanitary liquid filters are available to suit various applications. In addition, horizontal and vertical configurations and various sizes are available to allow easy installation into existing pipework.

The addition of the Russell Filter Management System™ allows complete automation of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. The system continuously monitors the filtration process, enabling the filter to run efficiently without operator involvement. This improves safety, eliminating operator contact with potentially hazardous products such as hot cooking oil. It also saves costs through reducing good product loss and reducing labour, as no manual supervision is needed.

Established in 1934, Russell Finex has over 80 years of experience in providing separation technology to food and beverage producers. Whether looking to optimize a processing line through saving on labour and wastage costs, reducing production downtime, increasing capacity or improving final product quality, Russell Finex has a range of sieving and filtration solutions for the food industry.

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