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Glass Balustrade for your Pool

Pool fencing specialists can design theme based glass balustrades for your pool.
Published 15 October 2013

Most folks go through great lengths to design lovely pools. Once the pool is installed and done and they have kids running around it, they suddenly realize that they forgot something; safety! Then begins the quest to try and figure out something that will keep small kids and pets out of the pool.

Pool fencing specialists who have done thousands of pool fencing opine that nothing beats Glass balustrade and Glass balustrade fencing for your pool. They can use aluminium and glass to design and fabricate true works of art that complement your lovely pool and can even embed soft LED lighting that will not only further enhance the beauty of your pool, it will also make the demarcation more visible in the night.

Pool fencing specialists can design theme based glass balustrades for your pool. By theme based, we mean themes such as Titanic glass balustrade i.e. a glass balustrade that replicates the balustrade on the Titanic. Sky is the limit, just think up a theme and the Fencing Manufacturers can implement it.

Glass Balustrade - Beauty without maintenance

Glass fencing is beautiful to look at especially one with clear or frosted or stained glass. Glass balustrade with glazed aluminium lasts virtually forever with no need for any anti-rust coating, anti-aluminium oxide coating, paints, etc. In fact, if you love silver colour then you don’t need to do anything after installing the glass balustrade fencing around your pool.

The glass used in glass balustrade is toughened glass – same as the one used in vehicles. It can withstand human impact and even if it breaks, it does so in a manner that does not cause harm. It is easy to sweep away the shards. Broken or damaged glass panes of your glass balustrade can also be easily replaced. In fact, the entire structure is easy to install and dismantle.

Aluminium is available in various matt finished and gloss finished colours making it easy to match with the colour of the surrounding décor and also the colour of the glass in your glass balustrade. So if you feel the aluminium used in the fencing around your pool needs to match a particular colour simply pick that colour at your local Wall fencing Contractors or don’t forget to mention it to your pool fencing contractor or pool contractor.

A glass balustrade not only retains its gloss and lustre, it also does not warp in heat. This is ideal for uncovered pools. Wood and other natural and semi-natural materials tend to warp or blister in the heat and also require frequent maintenance.

Glass balustrade is light-weight, precise and easy to install

Professional pool contractors will fix the glass Pinelap fencing around your pool in just a couple of hours. A glass balustrade is easier to fix around geometrically shaped pools. However, it can be just as easily fixed around odd shaped pools as well except, it takes a bit more time – maybe a couple of hours longer.

Glass Balustrade is economical

The raw material i.e. Colorbond fencing and Glass balustrading is relatively cheap and way cheaper than wood. A nice themed glass balustrade around your pool will cost a fraction of having the same Privacy fencing done in wood.

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