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Eldon provides P&V Elektrotechniek with tropicalized enclosures

From the middle of the 1990s, Eldon has been supplying P&V Elektrotechniek with customized standard special enclosures that are designed to protect the electrical controls inside from the harsh UV light and humidity found in tropical environments.
Published 11 June 2014

P&V Elektrotechniek is the largest independent panel builder in Belgium and works tirelessly to face the market’s challenges posed by constantly changing technologies. This implies the company’s suppliers share the same commitment.

The company was founded in 1986 and designs and assembles industrial low voltage switch cabinets. The company produces panels for use in some of the most extreme climates on the planet, the company operates from a 10,000 sq. meters state of the art plant focused on quality, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. 

Axel Roobaert, Sales Manager at Eldon Belgium stated that P&V Elektrotechniek relies on Eldon to provide customized enclosures that include tropicalized enclosures, customized cabinets with hole patterns and stainless steel 304 and 316 solutions. He also said that one example of how the customized enclosures differ from the standard enclosures is the fact that a modified type of powder coating is applied on them.

Axel Roobaert also stated that: “P&V Elektrotechniek is widely acclaimed in their field for delivering a specialized service tailored to the needs of individual customers. The company has built a solid reputation for its high reliability, strong technical knowledge and on-time delivery performance”.

The Eldon sales chief stated that the powder coating applied on the enclosure is 100 percent polyester rather than an epoxy coating. This makes the enclosures resistant in extreme environments with high humidity and UV rays. The enclosure is built to ensure that no insects can get inside, a very important factor in a tropical environment. 

Aside from delivering unique enclosure solutions to P&V Elektrotechniek that even encompasses customized colors, Roobaert says the bottom line behind the successful long-term relationship is Eldon’s one hundred percent focus on customer satisfaction. 

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