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Eldon provides added value to enclosures for EA Elautomation in Sweden

Eldon brings value to enclosures for EA Elautomation, a company founded over 60 years ago that is located in Vasteras, Sweden.
Published 01 July 2014

EA Elautomation has positioned itself in a competitive marketplace by delivering value added to its customers across the power sector, metals and minerals and shipping/goods handling. Applications generally include automation and control.

The company guarantees project management, design, assembly and installation of electrical control equipment, switchgear and distribution panels to customers in the electrical power and machine building sectors.

The company managed to be successful by being flexible, throughput time and quality. Delivery times of enclosures and components are very important because the company must meet tough requirements to satisfy their customers. The enclosure suppliers must make the deliveries on time and also it is vital to be able to start the assembly swiftly and easy. An example would be dismantling of side panels and doors which should be a smooth process and not result in an lost time.

Eldon tries to meet these requirements by honoring the delivery times and making easy to mount enclosures but also taking care of some of the modifications such as pre-assembling certain components or hole making in the enclosures

Managing Director Jan-Olof Thunell stated that Eldon listens to feedback from the people assembling the panels and then responds with assembly improvements if required.

“Our aim is to really help our customers find the right solution for their problems,” delaires Jan-Olof Thunell. He also stated: “We then pass on our ideas to our suppliers. For example, when longer series are involved we will ask Eldon to make modifications and implement in their production, which lowers the cost and enables us to pass on the savings to our customers.”

“Close interaction is something we see that Eldon really focuses on delivering. The Eldon salesperson stays in close contact with us about upcoming projects to discuss delivery details and, if required, smaller modifications. It is also real peace-of-mind to know the sales person is on hand and ready to discuss what we have in the pipeline to ensure instant deliveries and support as and when required. This is something we really appreciate because it reflects our approach to our customers in the same way.”

EA Elautomation is developing their internal processes in order to deliver fault free solutions at the required time. This makes it necessary for them to discuss, share ideas and work closely with suppliers in order to pass on suggestions for improvements to get the same result from them.

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