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Eldon and CEMA Group meet the challenges of providing clean water and wastewater services

Eldon enclosures ensure CEMA Group provides clean water and wastewater services
Published 13 June 2014

CEMA Group is amongst UK’s leading electrical engineering operations and is specialized in being a partner for water and waste water industries making LV assemblies, system integration, site cabling installations and as a principal contractor, coordinator and design under CDM regulations.

The enclosures CEMA purchased from Eldon are mainly the MAS and MAD in the mild steel wall mounting range, and the common dimensions are 400x400x210 and 600x400x210.

Based in Nottingham, CEMA helps customers meet the challenges of providing effective water and wastewater services in the twenty-first century. With a vast experience in multiple disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and software engineering, CEMA offers full benefits of true integration between discrete control products and I/O, panels, SCADA and DCS systems.

CEMA Group also includes other companies like LME that is handling electrical engineering products of all sizes, ranging from design to a single control panel to the manufacture, systems integration and site cabling installation of a complete plant control system. There is also the company named Warboys Services Ltd., which designs, supplies, installs and commissions foul and surface water pumping systems.

When it comes to system integration, CEMA believes meeting the needs of its customers does not start and end with the design and manufacturing of control panels. CEMA believes everything depends on a thorough understanding of the customers and the challenges they face and extends to encompass complete solutions. As a supplier for CEMA, Eldon has to be able to meet all these challenges.

CEMA’s Michael Jakubiak says that the company builds fully welded systems, mostly bespoke. When it comes to make a choice of enclosures the company has to ensure they meet the exact requirements of CEMA’s water company clients. “We use Eldon when we buy in an enclosure for three reasons: price, relationship and delivery”, stated Michael Jakubiak.

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