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Energy monitoring made simple by Carlo Gavazzi VMUC-EM

Essential metering and monitoring of your energy usage is made simple by using a cloud based platform from energy specialists Carlo Gavazzi.
Published 09 December 2013

Aldershot, UK, 2nd October 2013 – Carlo Gavazzi has launched its latest cloud based energy platform the VMUC-EM. With the UK continuing to face unparalleled energy and climate demands it is clear that metering and monitoring has become nothing less than vital. The VMUC-EM is the latest energy platform from Carlo Gavazzi which has moved energy monitoring to the cloud. The VMUC-EM collects data from the energy meters as well as temperature inputs and it can switch outputs.

It then exposes the data to local networks and the internet by providing three Web services: a file transfer protocol (FTP) server, which enables data to be pushed to a capable BMS, server or cloud-based service provider on a scheduled basis; an HTTP client that allows data to be pulled on demand; and a Web server providing always-on access to real-time data, trending and alarms.

Logged instantaneous variables of each meter can be displayed on daily, monthly or annual basis. The easy to read GUI displays the entire installations energy consumption. This data can be acquired from either the main meter or a virtual meter, which is the sum of any pre-defined sub-meters.

Trends such as, day/week/month compared with the previous (working or non-working) day/week/month. Any alarms that may have occurred in the plant can easily be displayed or sent via email or SMS. There are 3 different categories: events (any changes occurred to the system configuration), anomalies (abnormal conditions of the monitoring system), alarms (set-point alarms or communication errors).

To help drive down costs, estimations can be made based on a dual tariff system which includes active and reactive energy costs, and any monthly penalties that may occur due to exceeding the contractual power allowance. All data is easily exported in a csv format. 

About Carlo Gavazzi Automation

Carlo Gavazzi Automation is an international electronics group with activities in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial and building automation.

Carlo Gavazzi Automation provides customers with technologically innovative, high quality and competitive solutions, in compliance with their requirements and expectations through its 21 National Sales Companies in Europe, North America, and Asia & Pacific, operating with its production sites in Denmark, Italy, Malta, Lithuania and China.

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